These People Tracked Down Stolen Things

Published 2022-06-05

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  • TheBigBoofer
    Stealing someone’s dog is so evil. Can’t imagine what that poor pup was thinking during that whole experience. So glad he’s back with his Momma!
  • Bibby
    Can't believe how "natural" it is for these people to act like they've done nothing wrong with those stolen properties. Either they're sick or just plain evil.
  • krazzil on 240 fps
    I can’t even describe how angry i would be if my dog was stolen from me.
  • Katrina Repine
    My mother in law accidentally let my dog out without a leash while we were visiting in Las Vegas. We spent hours searching, posting flyers and even went to the nearby animal shelter, giving them a flyer with his picture and all our contact details. We searched for a few day, close to a week when we got a call from my sister in law. A friend of hers who works at the local animal shelter said my dog was brought in the day before and instead of notifying us the shelter put him in the system and had 2-3 people set up to view and possibly adopt him. We showed up right when they opened demanding our dog and thankfully we got him back. I was so mad at them for trying to sell my dog out from under me like that but apparently they do it all the time.
  • Sebastian Ibarra
    It's a good thing modern technology exists for stuff like this.
  • whypk
    In this day and age, I feel like stealing a dog or almost any pet should be considered kidnapping not grand theft.

    I challenge anyone to to find a caring and responsible pet owner that considers their animals to be expensive objects.
  • Scrappy Coco
    Criminals shouldn't be blurred so that people will be aware of their faces
  • Red Diamond
    Why do we protect the faces of criminals? They’re in public places! Show their faces! They shouldn’t be protected!
  • Porshia Vonne
    I cried. Not only did she dognap a member of this woman’s family but she mistreated him. Glad he’s safe at home.
  • Lela Weber
    Maybe if the police actually investigated these thefts people wouldn’t have to take things into their own hands.
  • Brian Ruff
    I felt the same high as the first lady that found her car. I had tools stolen while working at an apartment complex.
    I knew who the thief was, he had recently bern evicted from the complex.
    I knew he wouldn't go far from the neighborhood so I drove a search pattern of every street nearby
    After thirty minutes I found his car, with my tools visible inside!
    I called the cops. When he walked around the corner with a gas can (he had run out of gas!) and saw the cops and I the look on his face was just priceless!
  • DankScole
    I’m sorry but if someone stole one of my dogs, there wouldn’t be a “hey that’s my puppy”…
  • kassandra sjaarda
    I cant imagine having any of my animals taken from me. I would literally spend the rest of my life wondering what kind of life they ended up having or if they thought I abandon them. I would die just at the thought of them being mis treated
  • i Dee
    So satisfying. Bravery. Community coming together to tackle crooks.
  • Eric Brooks
    Of course police will warn against how dangerous this is, but won't do a damn thing to find them in the first place. When I was robbed I found out who did it, where my stuff was, and where he was hiding all within a few days. You think the cops would have ever found my stuff? No. Not even a small chance.
  • Alazar Tekle
    So the law protects criminals by having their faces blurred and not the victims so they can be targets for revenge. Anyone that commits a crime should have his/her face made public so innocent people can protect themselves from these worthless beings. They should be publicly shamed and humiliated if not more.
  • Kassim Hamid Juma
    Well done matthew santoro, you didn't an amazing job filming the crime.
    Your subscribers will be most proud of you for that.
    How infuriating and violating it must feel to watch someone driving YOUR CAR/TRUCK right in front of you. These people have balls and audacity 😒
  • Dr. J
    It angers me so much when a selfish person steals someone else’s dog! I smiled ear to ear with delight that the dognapper was caught and that a Good Samaritan stepped up and got the dog back for the real owner. Goes to show that sometimes you need to take action to get things done like getting your stolen pets back.