Incredible Things People Found Hidden in Their Homes

Published 2021-05-23

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  • Ello
    Moment of silence for the unfortunate person that sold the Picasso painting for $30 😔
  • Eduardo J Perez
    Imagine buying a 30$ painting just to have it evaluated years after for 25 millions!
  • That lady that found the wedding photo album that wanted to find the rightful owners just melted my heart ♥️🙏🏼
  • The hole behind the mirror is actually one of my major fears. Every time I move into a new house when the bathroom is already installed, often with mirrors that can't be pulled away from the wall, I always fear what is behind them.
  • jeremy.
    The most incredible thing I found in my house is silence, living in a house where you have 8-10 people living here every 24 hours & finding silence is the greatest thing that you can find.
  • Neva2Richh
    My great grandma's house in St. Louis had a room that lead to a basement with no stairs. It was all dusty with no lights so all you could see at the bottom was the pavement and now that I come to realize was tombstones because the house was built on top of a graveyard. I was like 9 years old back at the time so I thought it was no big deal but reflecting on it now i realize how dangerous it was. The room wasn't boarded up or anything so if you took 1 step inside then you basically would fall inside the basement and possibly die. I don't know what has happened to the house now but my grandma has passed away a while ago and I thought I'd come here to share the story. Whenever I watch videos like this then I think about it and realize how easily someone could have fell inside of that room.
  • Frenite
    In 100 years I bet they’ll find a house with a secret stash of face masks and toilet paper.
  • theylied1776
    There is no way that I would have tried any of that prohibition whiskey. I grew up in the south, and any good bootlegger will tell you, just because it has a label on it doesn't mean that it is what it claims to be. During prohibition, they used to use gasoline and rubbing alcohol to turn 10 bottles of whiskey into 20.
  • When I was little, we lived in a house built in the 1920s. We had a closet in the upstairs bedroom closet that was sealed up, you can see the outlines of the closet so we broke it open and we found a closet full of sugar. About 40 bags of unopened sugar. After we lived there for a while the old lady that used to live there actually came to our house and wanted to reminisce. She told us during WW2 they would hide sugar because it was very expensive, and hard to come by.
  • Sarcastic Guy
    Once, in my home, I found a slightly smaller home that was almost exactly the same size as the regular home but just slightly smaller enough to fit inside my home.
    It was rather astonishing.
  • flayful
    By well-preserved, they mean the little girl Edith was still intact? 😲 Or was that picture of a girl a picture with the coffin?
  • Shade Raven
    My favourite thing about renovating our house, is finding all the things the previous person who worked on it left behind, mess ups, wrong screws/nails, handprints gum on the other side of the drywall. And now I left my own mark I stepped bare feet in paint and walked all along the basement pavement before we covered it in underlay and carpet. We may not always own this house so who knows when the next person will find this lmao.
  • Sophia Fisher
    Imagine if she took off the mirror and someone’s head was just blowing air at her
  • Derek V
    My grandparents lived in a large farm house in Indiana built in the 1850s that was part of the Underground Railroad. There were trap doors and hidden rooms.
  • Random reviews
    I did the same thing with wedding photos. A mix up of movers in my great aunts things were in my moms attic for 10 years I searched high and low online called and messaged a bunch of people and finally found the owners in a whole state over and got it to them free of charge. They ended up sending me 100$ which was awesome. I was just glad they got their photos.
  • Doing demolition for a remodel in a 1900's Baltimore Row house, I came across a small hidden room about 3'X6' in the back of a closet. It had an old rocking chair, a dome top radio and a loaded 12 gauge, double barrel shotgun. The homeowners contacted the police because of the shotgun and it was determined that it was a hiding place, built during the prohibition days. The original entrance was plastered over, leaving no trace of the hidden room. Bootleggers? Gangster's hideout? Anyone's guess!
  • [ Guardian ]
    When I saw the little girl my heart fell
    Is just hard to know that a child could die at such a young age
  • Brenda Seager
    This is the best thing I have ever heard. Even unwanted children deserve a forever home, thanks to your organization, they now have one.
  • austin bevis
    That last girl literally just got a free apartment
  • Robert Queberg
    I had worked with a man in the 1980’s, who was building and flipping houses for a second income. He wanted to leave behind a snapshot of the U.S. when the house was constructed. His wife suggested the big Sears&Roebuck catalog. As each home was built, they carefully wrapped a catalog with plastic wrap, and moth balls, and tucked it into an interior wall for someone to find.