Have These Feuding Neighbors Gone Too Far?

Published 2021-01-23
We hope these feuding neighbors will give peace a chance in 2021. One of the strangest neighbor feuds ended in a California courtroom with a judge ordering one party to stop blasting the theme song to “Gilligan’s Island” for hours at a time. Two Florida men have been fighting over a property line for years, but the fight escalated when one man chased the other with his tractor. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more. #InsideEdition

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  • S G
    That creepy old man spying on that family is the scariest neighbor anyone can ever get.
  • Amanda McCallum
    Malicious calls on parents to children's services should be a chargeable offense.
  • ctrezzy11
    There is no way in hell when I become a billionaire, that I’m going to have neighbors right next to me.
  • Johnny Zen
    The irony of one wealthy guy complaining about another wealthy guy "blocking his ocean view" is great.
  • So funny how the guy's whining about how "privileged" his neighbour is, all because his ocean view was blocked 🤣 Don't even think he sees the irony!
  • geo.science.nerd
    I love how people think they own a view of something outside.
  • Kitty Bennett
    Ridiculously petty and sad people who need to find a hobby
  • Titilayo Uzochi
    The lady letting her 8 years old daughter walk the dog alone could only mean she lives in a very safe neighborhood, and the last guy searching for places in the ceiling to spy on his neighbors is extremely creepy.
  • Michael Clark
    Calling CPS on an 8 year old walking their dog alone?

    When I was 8 we ran all over, played in the creek, played pickup sports, rode our bicycles, mowed lawns, and got into things we shouldn't but we all thought it was part of growing up.
  • Julie Barnett
    Allowing accusers to be "protected" is a gross violation of our Constitutional rights.
  • Can we all agree the guy running from the tractor was both hilarious and very unnecessary. Literally just walk behind any of the many trees
  • Life's a Joke
    Yeah growing up we had a neighbor call child protective services on my parents because me and my little brother were playing in our yard without shoes on in the summertime. Then they called the animal control because we were feeding a stray cat that lived in our backyard, and built it a little outdoor cat house with a heating pad in it. This was after we trapped it and brought it to the clinic for all its shots, dewormer, had it spayed, and groomed to get rid of all its matted fur. They said we were abusing it because it was always outside, even though it refused to come inside our house.
  • Kip Howland
    Ok, that guy spying on the family from the attic, is THE most creepiest thing ever
  • CA Babyboomerq
    These kind of people make me so grateful that I live in a good neighborhood with good and reasonable neighbors. Sometimes their teenage kids act stupid, but that is not very often.
  • Sp0rkenste1n
    The neighbor who complained about the little girl walking her dog by herself better never go to Japan. When I was in Tokyo, I saw kids younger than her walking to school in groups and by themselves, and taking the trains alone too. That neighbor's tiny brain would overload seeing so many kids learning to be independent.
  • George Maher Jr
    I don’t think I’d be able to live in that house anymore. I’d always be thinking someone was watching again. That’s beyond creepy 😳
  • Sandra Baker
    Outrageous! Bad neighbors can make your life a living hell.
  • Steven Christian
    Wow... these people need to put their time into something productive, instead of feuding like spoiled children..
  • Brittany Dusch
    peeping Tom in attic is extremely scary, they had a baby and who knows how long he had been watching them and all the things he has seen. Think of all the things we do that we wouldn't do in public. Having your privacy in your own home taken away like that will give someone PTSD most likely forever in all the homes they will live in for rest of life.