Goodbye Messages From People Who Thought They Were Dying

Published 2020-09-20
In 2016, a diver found himself treading in open water off the coast of Australia, after his tour boat left him stranded. He recorded his thoughts on his GoPro. That same year, a nurse hiking in Arizona wrote a farewell message to her parents after she fell down a cliff and broke her back. And in June of 2020, a hiker used his cellphone to muse on his situation after breaking his leg in the Joshua Tree National Park. Thankfully, all of these people survived. #InsideEdition

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  • All of these situations seem terrifying, I'm glad they were saved.
  • @LostHope84
    I could NOT imagine treading in open water for over 6 hours... that dude is not only brave as hell, but he's incredibly lucky he didn't give up. Great job, dude! Hope you're well!
  • Most people don’t even know the scariest part of the video with jakey. He was only spotted because a plane flew by with thermal imaging scouting around and saw a 15 foot bull shark circling something. As they got lower they realized it was jakey the shark was circling and then called the coast guard to pick him up. Imagine while he was sitting there he was being watched by a 15 foot shark that is the most aggressive shark in the world.
  • That poor girl who fell, I'm so glad she's okay, what an awful experience
  • @KamtzyGFX
    Nothing gives me more goosebumps than calmly saying the words "So that's it, huh?" when you think it's your final moments
  • @urmom_69
    jake was so chill while literally dying at sea. then hes saved and just says "oh look a plane im saved"
  • I really hope the guy on the motorcycle wasn't laying next to his dead best friend for those 30 hours. Absolutely heart breaking.
  • @parakramroy4589
    Normal people : emotional messages to family and friends
    Legends: that's a wrap on old jakey
  • I can relate to this. I had a hunch, called my mom one day, we talked for a good forty-five minutes. She was asking me if I was happy, if I felt like I was on a good path, things like that. She didn't wake up the next morning. My brother broke the news to me saying "I don't get it I was just talking to her last night!" we would later learn that she knew she was dying, and spend her final days telling everyone how much they were loved and cared about. This was April of last year, she was 50 years old.
  • @p1kkuma
    Oh man, I’m so sad that Philip died :( imagine going through a terrible life threatening accident and losing your friend in that same incident.
  • @brody2087
    Imagine how many people have done this but no one has found them...
  • @ItsJordaan
    The first one gave me chills. Seeing him sitting there in the middle of the ocean at night is terrifying.
  • @zaccwiggins
    “That’s a wrap on old jakey” dude didn’t even wait for help he was just ready 😂
  • It's amazing to see that most of these people were not distraught at the fact they thought thier life was gonna end. They seemed more positive in thinking that they did what they wanted to do in thier lives and accepted the fact that this was gonna be the end. They stayed calm and ultimately that's what saved them.
  • Imagine all the people who recorded themselves but were never found. Salute to this guys for not giving up hope
  • @7uqr8i80
    I'm personally an 11 year old scuba diver. I've been out in Mexico when you feel like you lost at sea, it can be terrifying.
  • @N-e-o1
    Note to self:

    1. Don't hike alone
    2. Make a video of final moments to reverse death.
  • If I was “Jakey” I would’ve drowned in an ocean of my own tears 😭