Amazing Times Animals Asked for Help

Published 2022-12-04

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  • @midnightsun.
    Animals need to be protected and cared. It was really disappointing that someone shot a bullet to that elephant.
  • @slytub
    That dog has next level intelligence
  • @eggkspotter
    Hats off to Inside edition for sending us these clips, This really will help us change and give instead of take 🙂
  • @mustang4416
    Luckily the animals made a full recovery ❤
  • @yuyufan43
    The parrot 😂 It’s not the first time that’s happened! It happened to a guy too where the cops showed up and he introduced them to the bird. 😂
  • @ddtex4954
    I love the cop calling his female coworker to deal with thescary animal. Like me calling my husband to get a spider out of the house.
  • I would love to have a dog like that ❤❤, she did saved her owners life
  • @Kat-nh7un
    The cop who helped the goose and it’s baby made my heart so warm 🥰
  • How the heck did the parrot learn how to say “HELP MEEEEEE?” I’m trying to imagine the lady training him to say 2 words when he’s alone too long 🤭