Full Replay: SpaceX Launches Second Starship Flight Test

Published 2023-11-18
SpaceX is targeting Saturday for the second flight of Starship. The company has received regulatory approval for the flight. The flight will feature the newly added hot staging ring, allowing the Ship to separate from the Booster while the Booster engines are still firing. The stack features multiple upgrades compared to the first flight, including 63 upgrades SpaceX submitted to the FAA to mitigate issues from the first flight. Ahead of the launch, SpaceX will close the road, evacuate the village and surrounding area, and clear the potential blast radius.

Booster 9 will attempt a soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico, while Ship 25 will attempt to fly around the earth before performing a reentry and hard splashdown in the Hawaiian area.

Window Opens: November 18th at 7AM CST (13:00 UTC)
Window Closes: November 18th at 7:20AM CST (13:20 UTC)

Mission: Starship's second fully integrated test flight
Vehicles: Booster 9 and Ship 25
Recovery: No recovery. Booster will attempt soft splashdown, Ship will not and instead will impact the ocean
· SpaceX's 85th launch of the year and the 6th launch of the month
· SpaceX's 2nd space launch from Starbase
· Starship will, once again, become the largest, most massive, and most powerful rocket every created breaking its own record.

Forum link: forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=57219.0
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NSF Launch Article: www.nasaspaceflight.com/2023/11/ift-2-launch/

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All Comments (21)
    Hopefully, the next launch will take place within the next 3 months. January will be amazing!
  • @jeroenk3570
    That booster explosion looked magnificent, it looked like a super nova nebula. Thank you SpaceX and NSF, well done.
  • @ch1llspace
    Booster phase of flight was flawless. I'm highly confident that IFT-3 will reach reentry.
  • That shot with the boats in the foreground shows you just how unbelievably massive this thing is
  • @rizqanart
    Booster 9 sacrifice for Ship 25 to get into orbit will not be forgotten. Congrats for the epic launch SpaceX 🎉
  • Thank you, NASASpaceflight for making amazing content for us, and the whole spaceflight community!
  • @Deflower-me-tap
    With two RUD's it's important to test next rocket ASAP and test the heat shield the FAA should issue an ongoing experimental licence based on the rocket control SpaceX showed here but the government (FAA) may get involved and the next licence may be six months to a year.
  • @MrDoyley35
    The scale is just hard to comprehend. It’s essentially a small skyscraper launched into space. Just unbelievable!!
  • This is insane I hade to meet an old friend today and it was at the exact time with the launch. So thanks guys, I went back to your stream and just had to see it with no spoilers full on, absolutely amazing. Yeah and my friend was well so I'm so happy!
  • @aldunlop4622
    Watched it live last night just wanted to comment on this video my HUGE thanks to NSF and anyone else involved. The amount of passion, love and effort you guys put it is very uplifting. To Mars!
  • Absolutely spectacular launch and flight! Great success. 25 almost made it to orbit!
    Wow, this is thoroughly exciting! I'm thrilled to take part in the witnessing of this phenomenal moment in history - the second flight of Starship. The hard work, diligence, technicality, and dynamic nature of all the team involved in this endeavor are applaudable. I stand in awe of the technical feats and leaps into the future through space exploration – truly, we rise together beyond the moon and even further. Let's do this, together, as we're ushered into an unprecedented era of space exploration!
  • @clicks_by_mirza
    Huge Congratulations to SpaceX & entire team for achieving the milestone. ❤
    Go SpaceX - - Go Starship 🚀✈. Conquer the Moon 🎑 - Mars & beyond.
  • 9:02:21 Beautiful stream by the NSF team! I wouldn't have changed a single thing about the setup, production and overall commentary and expertise made this launch the best it could be for all of us remote viewers. Thank you guys! 😊❤❤❤
  • @cavaliers60
    Good lord that was amazing!!! That launch couldn’t have been better! Engines looked great! Separation looked flawless! Can’t wait to see them catch it next time! We are witnessing history here!
  • @RsoyFolak
    I've been watching Space X flights for a long time, and this one really impressed me.
  • @theshrew8853
    Great day thanks NSF amazing launch day coverage as always