72nd MISS UNIVERSE Preliminary Competition

Published 2023-11-16
Watch the 72nd Edition of the MISS UNIVERSE Preliminary Competition, LIVE from San Salvador, El Salvador. MISS UNIVERSE 2023 will be the 72nd MISS UNIVERSE competition, to be held on November 15th, 2023 in El Salvador. R'Bonney Gabriel of USA will crown her successor at the end of the event.

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    ALBANIA: 27:12
    ANGOLA: 27:38
    ARGENTINA: 28:06
    ARUBA: 28:37
    AUSTRALIA: 29:00
    BAHAMAS: 29:28
    BAHRAIN: 29:51
    BELGIUM: 30:20
    BOLIVIA: 30:44
    BRAZIL: 31:11
    BULGARIA: 32:02
    CAMBODIA: 32:30
    CAMEROON: 32:56
    CANADA: 33:29
    CHILE: 34:19
    COLOMBIA: 35:36
    COSTA RICA: 36:03
    CROATIA: 36:30
    CURAÇAO: 36:57
    DENMARK: 37:48
    ECUADOR: 38:38
    EGYPT: 39:05
    EL SALVADOR: 39:28
    FINLAND: 40:30
    FRANCE: 40:54
    GERMANY: 41:19
    GREAT BRITAIN: 41:47
    GREECE: 42:14
    GUATEMALA: 42:42
    GUYANA: 43:53
    HONDURAS: 44:17
    HUNGARY: 44:44
    ICELAND: 45:10
    INDIA: 45:35
    INDONESIA: 46:00
    IRELAND: 46:29
    ITALY: 46:58
    JAMAICA: 47:25
    JAPAN: 47:54
    KAZAKHSTAN: 48:20
    KOREA: 48:48
    KOSOVO: 49:13
    LAOS: 49:40
    LATVIA: 50:10
    LEBANON: 50:36
    MALAYSIA: 51:01
    MALTA: 52:19
    MAURITIUS: 52:44
    MEXICO: 53:10
    MONGOLIA: 53:37
    MYANMAR: 54:06
    NAMIBIA: 54:37
    NEPAL: 55:04
    NETHERLANDS: 55:35
    NICARAGUA: 56:01
    NIGERIA: 56:28
    NORWAY: 56:56
    PAKISTAN: 57:23
    PANAMA: 57:54
    PARAGUAY: 58:21
    PERU: 58:48
    PHILIPPINES: 59:17
    POLAND: 59:44
    PORTUGAL: 1:01:01
    PUERTO RICO: 1:01:31
    RUSSIA: 1:01:59
    SAINT LUCIA: 1:02:27
    SINGAPORE: 1:02:58
    SLOVAKIA: 1:03:25
    SOUTH AFRICA: 1:03:54
    SPAIN: 1:04:21
    SWITZERLAND: 1:04:51
    THAILAND: 1:05:17
    TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: 1:05:47
    UKRAINE: 1:06:14
    USA: 1:06:42
    VENEZUELA: 1:07:11
    VIETNAM: 1:07:38
    ZIMBABWE: 1:08:03
    ALBANIA: 1:17:19
    ANGOLA: 1:17:58
    ARGENTINA: 1:18:35
    ARUBA: 1:16:09
    AUSTRALIA: 1:19:41
    BAHAMAS: 1:20:13
    BAHRAIN: 1:20:45
    BELGIUM: 1:21:16
    BOLIVIA: 1:21:48
    BRAZIL: 1:22:20
    BULGARIA: 1:23:21
    CAMBODIA: 1:23:55
    CAMEROON: 1:24:25
    CANADA: 1:25:00
    CAYMAN ISLANDS: 1:25:34
    CHILE: 1:26:07
    COLOMBIA: 1:28:02
    COSTA RICA: 1:28:35
    CROATIA: 1:29:09
    CURAÇAO: 1:29:35
    CZECH REPUBLIC: 1:30:07
    DENMARK: 1:30:37
    ECUADOR: 1:31:42
    EGYPT: 1:32:14
    EL SALVADOR: 1:32:42
    FINLAND: 1:33:50
    FRANCE: 1:34:21
    GERMANY: 1:34:52
    GREAT BRITAIN: 1:35:25
    GREECE: 1:35:58
    GUATEMALA: 1:36:28
    GUYANA: 1:39:32
    HONDURAS: 1:40:13
    HUNGARY: 1:40:56
    ICELAND: 1:41:28
    INDIA: 1:41:59
    INDONESIA: 1:42:35
    IRELAND: 1:43:11
    ITALY: 1:43:44
    JAMAICA: 1:44:16
    JAPAN: 1:44:50
    KAZAKHSTAN: 1:45:21
    KOREA: 1:45:53
    KOSOVO: 1:46:25
    LAOS: 1:46:55
    LATVIA: 1:47:28
    LEBANON: 1:40:01
    MALAYSIA: 1:48:32
    MALTA: 1:50:20
    MAURITIUS: 1:50:50
    MEXICO: 1:51:25
    MONGOLIA: 1:51:54
    MYANMAR: 1:52:27
    NAMIBIA: 1:53:00
    NEPAL: 1:53:32
    NETHERLANDS: 1:54:05
    NICARAGUA: 1:54:38
    NIGERIA: 1:55:12
    NORWAY: 1:55:44
    PAKISTAN: 1:56:18
    PANAMA: 1:56:56
    PARAGUAY: 1:57:27
    PERU: 1:58:01
    PHILIPPINES: 1:58:32
    POLAND: 1:59:07
    PORTUGAL: 2:00:45
    PUERTO RICO: 2:01:15
    RUSSIA: 2:01:50
    SAINT LUCIA: 2:02:17
    SINGAPORE: 2:02:50
    SLOVAKIA: 2:03:22
    SOUTH AFRICA: 2:03:52
    SPAIN: 2:04:23
    SWITZERLAND: 2:04:55
    THAILAND: 2:05:25
    TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: 2:05:58
    UKRAINE: 2:06:28
    USA: 2:07:01
    VENEZUELA: 2:07:32
    VIETNAM: 2:08:04
    ZIMBABWE: 2:08:37
  • @TimeBucks
    Great venue, excellent stage, and amazing crowd!
  • I’m so proud with Miss Nepal’s confidence. And through Miss Nicaragua’s walk, yuppp I understand why she’s Miss Universe. Kudos Nicaragua. I’m always bias for an Asia country to win, but this time, Miss Nicaragua really earn the title. Congratulations, Nicaragua!
  • @Waing-For-You
    She’s a staunch advocate for autism awareness. Michelle’s advocacy as a beauty queen is dearly close to her heart. Having grown up with two siblings in the autism spectrum, she has consistently used her platform to provide awareness and education regarding the condition. During her Miss World Philippines reign in 2019, she was named the Goodwill Ambassador for the Autism Society of the Philippines. Goodluck Michelle...expecting you to be our 5th Miss Universe...mabuhay ka, mabuhay tayong lahat mga pinoy all over the universe!!!
  • @franciscolimaa7
    Nicarágua 🇳🇮, Espanha 🇪🇸, França 🇫🇷, Venezuela 🇻🇪 e Porto Rico 🇵🇷. Estou apaixonado por essas cinco meninas! Maravilhosas demais! Mesmo se nenhuma delas ganhar, ficaria muito feliz em ver pelo menos 1 delas no top 3! ❤
  • @annmutay7568
    🇹🇭 🇹🇭 THAILAND 🇹🇭 🇹🇭 "Antonia Porsild"
    - Presentación: 19:26
    - Traje de baño: 1:05:18
    - Vestido de gala: 2:05:24
    Bring home the crown👑🎉
  • As an older sister, I understand how hard it is to handle people with autism spectrum disorder. My younger sister has autism and I really appreciate Michelle's advocacy for the welfare of autistic people such as my sister. It is very rare to encounter such advocacy in pageants like this. Go Miss Philippines😊
  • @Alex.098
    The crowd hooting for Nepal gave me goosebumps 😮🇳🇵❤️
  • @vhough22
    Beautiful stage! This crowd is simply amazing and I so much love their support for all the ladies. Viva El Salvador!!! Si señor!!!
  • @pol4171
    I'm so excited for Pakistan. Her gown was unique and authentic. She got the crowd cheered for her. Based on some of her interview with vloggers, she has a charisma and speaking ability. I'm sure she will be among top 20 and probably will reach to the top.
  • @Adora-gc5zd
    Wow what a great preliminary competition. The staging is amazing and the camera angles are on point. A lot of beautiful contestants this year and wishing them all the best in the finals. If I have to pick a favorite, it has to be Miss Nicaragua. She is the epitome of beauty, authenticity and grace. She exudes an air of serenity, elegance, confidence and kindness. Not only is she serving an angelic face, a goddess body and a stunning catwalk, she also bears an admirable wisdom, a vibrant personality and a beaming smile that takes one's breath away. The naturalness and spontaneity that she possesses is just everything. Her leadership, initiatives and mental health advocacy have made a difference and will continue to transform the lives of many, not only people in her own community but in general. Her remarkable energy, outstanding stage presence, and captivating charisma delivered an unforgettable phenomenal performance during the prelims and national costume show. This woman radiates joy, light, love and an endearing queenly aura that just screams Miss Universe. She has that X factor that makes her a total package and worthy of the Miss Universe crown in my honest and humble opinion. Hopefully we will be able to witness another history in the making.
  • @miandrade777
    A Miss Brasil é uma explosão de simpatia, beleza, elegância e inteligência!!! WINNER 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
  • @junaidtipu7340
    so proud of Erica!!! A first for any Pakistani and one can imagine what she faced to make her mark. To do it in such style and pull it off despite being modest, wow!
  • Amei Nepal! Parabéns Miss Universo não são somente as magras que tem a vez !!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻Quebra de padrões ! 🙌🏻👏👏👏👏👏
  • I am commenting not as a Filipino but as someone who has a nephew who is in the spectrum. And I did not know anything about them, not even their very special needs until I had my nephew. Having someone who could speak for them and spread awareness about autism is beyond empowering. Not to mention Michelle Dee too has not just one but two autistic brothers.

    This is why Michelle deserves the crown because this is also a fight of our brothers, sisters, and children who are in the autism spectrum. They need opportunities too, and most of all they need our understanding and respect so they too can thrive on their very own rights.

    To Ms. Philippines, Michelle, mabuhay ka! We did not choose to be where we are now, but we have our very special loved ones for a reason. Please accept all our thanks- the parents and families of the people who are in the spectrum. Thank you for speaking for us, thank you for championing for our children and loved ones! 🇵🇭👸🏻👑
  • @HomeWithLove
    Thank you for streaming this. Philippines, we wish you all the best!!!! Love her advocacy - inclusivity for people within yun the autism spectrum! :-) my son has global developmental delay so I can relate to her passion on autism. Hooray to the their loving families too! ❤