Top 10 Angry Outbursts Caught on Live TV

Published 2020-04-19

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    Which outburst on live TV surprised you the most?
  • J Rocha
    I actually wanted to see more of the clip than just listening to the narrator
  • Tokiofritz
    I'm so glad the woman tells us exactly what will happen in the clip, as well as actual quotes from those involved before we watch what happens in the clip and listen to what's said by those involved. She really is vital.
  • Josh Taylor
    Im so glad the narrator was present to tell us what we can see and hear.
  • Kris W
    Bravo Cooper!! I tip my hat to you, you're great. I respect your attitude 100%. Don't ever stop being yourself, standing up for your values. We need people with a backbone and a sense of justice.
  • SpaceMissile
    i love the weatherman complaining. it's so wholesome in its own way.

    "I work hard and you guys don't appreciate me!" ahahaha poor guy
  • normajoe
    Love you Ben Affleck. Class act.
  • Geron Fletcher
    The way that woman kept saying CHAD CHAD CHAD over and over to the weatherman while he’s talking would annoy ANYONE 😂😂😂
  • dkoch2
    That weather guy, lol...that's mostly how I feel with the general public when I go outside
  • The weatherman is my freaking favorite. If I saw him in public I'd shake his hand
  • Jake Thomas
    shredding the Paris Hilton story on live TV was absolutely alpha
  • Everett Hawke
    “Claims without evidence” entire audience applauds him
  • RedWolf
    How about you play the audio instead of talking over every clip
  • Aquarius
    Getting Mike Tyson pissed is like looking a silver back square in the eyes, reporter has balls !!
  • Michael E
    Kudos for her trying to burn the crap out of the filth the media pushes.
  • Ima Nassole
    Last clip.. the fact that Mike Tyson, stopped at words... That's some damn temper control.
  • Spencer Noble
    I kinda feel bad for Tyson in the last part. He really responded well at first before he got mad.
  • voteZDLR
    I saw the Ben Affleck moment on Bill Maher live and I was like "bro this is going to be national news tomorrow" lol
  • captain_ivan_89
    “LET ME TALK, CAROL!” 😂😂😂🙈☠️ next time a person doesn’t let me get a word in, I’ll use this.