Hiker gets EATEN ALIVE... and lives

Published 2022-12-04
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Time Stamps:
#1 -- "The Torngats" -- 1:07 -- A group of hikers go into a forbidding wilderness

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All Comments (21)
  • TCA
    Matt surviving that polar bear attack is beyond incredible. He is a walking miracle that could live to tell the tale.
  • Linear Equalist
    Mr Ballen is literally the only creator I actually watch the sponsors for. Gotta love Ol' Lungy
  • Savage Sun
    If you got something out of today's episode, and you haven't done this already, the next time the like button wants to go on vacation, send him to the Torngats without a polar bear protection plan.
  • R H
    Odd and frustrating that the experienced campers didn't realize the importance of distance from water, even after the bears themselves warned them.
    God Bless Matt, and Rich and the doctor who saved him.
  • Randi Mitchell
    Matt's a local hero here in Lewiston, Maine. This was just so awesome hearing his story through you! Thank you!
  • M. McCoy
    Nothing on earth makes me happier than Mr Ballen cracking himself up during an ad read.
  • Kohaku Usagi
    Man, that's crazy and I'm so glad Matt survived and seems to have made a pretty nice recovery. Thank you for telling his story. ❤️
  • Sarah Kensa
    i love when MrBallen tells his stories about sponsors, can barely say the whole thing without laughing, but theyre funny 😅
  • Violet
    Lungy is my favorite character. Such a talented frog. I'm so glad he's back (and that he survived that explosion). :'D
  • Taylor Zen
    I’ve heard him talk about this experience before and it’s horrifying. Even scarier is while they were trying to stabilize him and wait on help, multiple other polar bears were stealing them throughout the night.
  • Iamfish
    I usually skip sponsorship sections of videos but this one was pure gold 😂
  • Lisa Laursen
    It mentioned that the trip leaders prepared a big feast for the group. In any area where there are bears present it’s not a good idea to cook, eat or store food at your campsite where you sleep. A polar bear has the most powerful sense of smell of all bears and can smell your camp up to 20km away.
    I’m just glad Matt survived to tell the tale. 🙏
  • AJ Jamsen
    I imagine the polar bear walking right through the electrical fence, getting shocked before laughing, "Oh, thanks, I had an itch there" 😳 The fact Matt survived a polar bear attack is absolutely insane
    I was listening to some of his old videos around 9 pm before going to bed, then next thing I know its 3 am and I didnt feel tired at all because of how excited/intrested I was because of his story telling
  • Lauren C
    Your adventures with good ol' Lungy always brighten my day
  • Zpider
    Matt came back to the attack site with armed experts was like:
    "Yo! Polar Bear! I'm back for round 2!!!"
  • kiki- drawer26
    You are such a good and consistent story teller and it's very nice! It gives the feeling of sitting around the fire and sharing information with family like cavemen. You were even able to express the fear and quickness of the situation. These things happen so fast while adrenaline slows it down and this is the first time I've ever heard somone explain and pace something so well it comes through. Thank you for this! Super interesting
  • Robert A
    “… went back, but this time he was accompanied by an armed polar bear expert”
    Yeeeah, I think Matt went back there for revenge. Wanted to use that polar bear as his new rug. 😂😂😂
  • Sonia’s Way
    Mr Ballen’s storytelling skills are unmatched. I lose track of time while listening to him
  • boudicaa storm
    Wow, yeah that's amazing that he survived the bite on his head, a lot of the apex predators in our world have incredible jaw pressure that you just don't want anywhere near you. Idk how these people were affiliated w/ the Sierra Club, but they're an org that's been around forever, it's surprising to hear their name associated with such a gratuitous flub as to ignore safety warnings.