The Weirdest Places People Have Gotten Stuck

Published 2019-11-20

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  • Jessica Renée
    Honestly the seatbelt one has to be my ultimate favorite. The fact that even the fire fighters were like “well thats weird I’ve never seen that before” had me ROLLING.
  • Adelina Diaz
    The first girl has an awesome sense of humor! She didn't panic, she just laughed at herself lol
    This is better than half of the “news stories” inside edition has posted this week
  • Mary Harrison
    This seat belt issue is actually something the car company might need to address, as funny as it is.
  • leppo geko
    Kid: gets stuck in tree and swears to never do it again
    Reporter: will you climb the tree you got stuck in for a clip
    Also kid: squirrel mode engaged
  • Po Tato
    2:21 I like how terrified she looks in this reenactment. She’s just like, “This is as far as I’m willing to put my hand in for this!”

    2:37 And she’s holding onto whatever it is in that mug for dear life!
  • seǝm
    Imagine the woman stuck in the toilet didn’t have her phone on her.
  • J M
    For me, anything that falls in the toilet is history...
  • Life :
    I got my head stuck in the bars of a door once, it took like 30mins to get me. 25 of those minutes were beacuse people wouldnt stop laughing and actually help me, even my neighbors where dropped on the floor in tears talking about how big my eyes got everytime they tried pulling me out

    Such an embarassing experience
  • Michelle
    Being stuck on a rollercoaster must be terrifying especially being upside down.
  • Amalie
    I love the upbeat humor from the stuck people haha, they handled the awkwardness pretty well
  • Slxherr
    How tf did he manage to climb that high on the tree he was literately hanging on a twig 😭
  • Donnie Darko
    There’s a difference between being afraid to come down from a tree and not being able to come down. There’s some parts that you can climb up but not down, especially when you’re a 3ft tall kid. At least without hanging and dropping down from branch to branch which isn’t climbing and you’re likely to fall. So basically it’s very possible to be stuck. Anyone who’s climbed anything to any significant height knows the feeling. Thus with experience you learn to stop at those parts.
  • Have sum melk
    "He loves to climb.Period."

    Who is this woman we need to stan?
  • David Robinson
    As someone who’s been dealing with chronic insomnia for almost 20 years, I don’t know which would be worse.
    I’d love to be able to say I’m going to sleep or take a nap and actually be able to do either, at that moment.
    I usually get jealous of seeing people sleep.
  • Joe Krokosky
    5:42 Wait, wait, wait....he climbed up a 50-foot tree with no shoes on? What a legend
    I hated seeing the seatbelt one.. it brings back horrible memories, the exact same thing happened but it made me claustrophobic and I’ve been very claustrophobic ever since thy occasion to the point I can’t wear necklaces because if I can’t get them off quickly I freak out and rip them off :/ I guess it’s comforting to know it’s happened to other people as well 🙁
  • Atrilixs
    Me: Driving with no seatbelt
    Police: Pulls me over
    Police: Why haven’t you got your seatbelt on
    Also me: Shows him the video
    Police: ok just go
  • When I was 13 I got stuck in the baby swing at my Grandmas house! I was stuck for like an hour and she had just gone inside to call the fire department when finally my twin sister and my cousin came up with a pretty great way to get me out and managed to finally get me out. Let me tell you I have absolutely no regrets! The entire time I was laughing my ass off and still laugh about it to this day!