I Built Illusions in Survival Minecraft

Published 2023-11-20

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  • @tazoh

    for the week of (December 4-10) we are doing events with you guys so JOIN NOW!!!!!!
  • @Yrrah908
    Its safe to say tazoh LOVES his illusions
  • Imagine instead of building the first level 2 build he made a QR code to a rickroll
  • @fitterwig
    18:06 the reason you fell into the void because of a glitch: if pistons push you into a end portal, you will be teleported to the same coordinates of the overworld in the end (basically the void)
  • @darksentinel082
    This isn’t usually my style of video. I prefer the slower-paced stuff from like Hermitcraft and all that, and usually that video story arc thing throws me off. This video was incredibly well done though, and I was engaged throughout. You’re funny, talented, and immensely hardworking, and I can appreciate that even if the work you do isn’t my usual preference. Keep up the great work!
  • @imdmedic420
    A great block combo I found is using sandstone as a flooring with deep slate bricks as walls, it looks pretty good and can be improved upon
  • @Mugxwara
    I love how Tazoh always goes an extra mile with his content, instead of just making the illusions he created an entire museum for them! W video as always
  • @Mask999-dl2wf
    I don’t know why, but I’m really happy for tazoh. Great job, this is amazing!
  • @qwertback1878
    the dedication to make this video alone was enough to make me like and sub. dont give up ever dude, u deserve it
  • @zlilstorm
    Man! You’re so close to 400K subscribers! Keep this great work up and you’re getting past that point by a mile!
  • This is insane. The build itself is amazing, but the showcase of illusions along with the reveal that the building itself is an illusion... That makes it iconic.
  • @user-fb5jz5mv9n
    The hlitch that caused you to die happens when a piston pushes a singular player into the end portal. It will teleport you to the relative cordinents of where you were in the overworld into the end. If two players go in it doesn't work
  • i went to an illusion museum in my city recently. this concept in a virtual world can be taken a lot further in terms of scale, def. as we see here lol. this is so cool.
  • @EbadImran
    So is no one gonna talk about how Myles experienced kinetic energy at minute 12:52. 😂
  • @amqan88902
    I feel like tazoh deserves more respect, I like his videos, i like how he make sheeps and adores meep like its an actual real life pet.
  • @baliWuan
    Amazing build, this guy deserves more subscribers—it's a 10/10.
  • @phsiic1271
    you could have made the map illusion larger by taking the original image and dividing it into 4 sections, then put them through the image to map art converter and built all four of them to make it larger and therefore better resolution
  • @Samantha-eh2wx
    I am proud to say I subscribed to him, and he is definitely my favourite youtuber Don't doubt yourself tazoh, you're awesome!
  • @Squish_Squash
    I remember going to some sort of museum as a child that had a lot of amazing optical illusions, this video let me think of those again!