Dog Waits On Side Of Road To Be Rescued | The Dodo

Published 2023-05-24
Matted dog was waiting so patiently on the side of the road for a family who'd make him look like a puppy again 🧡

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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All Comments (21)
  • @carley7184
    I bet she looked like an absolute angel coming out of that car, walking towards him 👼 His guardian angel, there to save him! 🤍😇
  • @bellejour559
    Thank you to all of the rescuers in the world! You are saving souls!💕

    Edit: RIP Sunny 🌞…now Murphy can fill that hurt in her heart and your place will always be there too!
  • @ninez2698
    This is a heavenly joyful event. 😍🙏❤️👍 it’s like the puppy has been purposefully waiting for his angel to come taking him Home😘🐶🙏❤️👍 thank you.
  • @s.l.b1140
    What a way to honor Sunny by adopting Murphy! She is looking down fron the Rainbow Bridge and smiling. She sent Murphy to you.
  • @s.h.8228
    He fits right in. This is a wonderful rescue. Thank you. It's an God Ordained moment..❤👍🙂
  • @dianaceliz3096
    Bittersweet story 😥🌷🐾🐾🐶. She lost a lovely dog and found a new adorable friend...😍😘
  • @carley7184
    His tail 🤣 ….It’s very expressive. The way he “helicopters” it, slaps it down on the couch, or little tiny wags. I love him 😍
  • @carley7184
    I love that her kids say such kind, thoughtful things about him... And they’re comfy around animals (even dirty stinky ones)
    They see through the “grime,” and know that there’s a big bountiful heart under there. I bet those kiddos will grow up to be lovely, caring human being adults! ❤❤
  • @DocDoccus
    This channel really affirms my hope of not losing faith in the good in humanity. Great work here.
  • @heather-cz8yk
    A great mother, teaching her daughter Laura, to be a loving ,good citizen. Way to go Laura for spotting that doggie!! Thx All!!
  • @weirdarto
    The dog is very friendly and trusting, I'd say he probably belonged to someone. There was a fence right where he was, maybe that was a farm and he jumped the fence. On the other hand, maybe they weren't taking very good care of him. He looks well-loved and taken care of now and seems happy.
  • @magda3650
    How friendly that dog is and beautiful.
    He was probably thinking "Finally an angel is coming for me"
    Thank you for adopting him and sorry for your dog🐕 that pass away.💕♥️💞❤️💞💕
  • @picklesmacks
    This looked like a scene from a movie in Ireland or the Swiss mountains; a lady in a flowing, white dress walking through a field of long, soft, billowy grass and a sweet, fluffy dog in the middle just waiting to be rescued. What a happy ending. ❤😊
  • @DipityS
    That's one pup who found the right family - they are quality all the way through - from one sister's family to the next they are wonderful 😊
  • @cm9439
    Pure love. ❤ Thank you for saving this beautiful boy.
  • @wolfman3295
    Wonderful rescue story and wow the transformation Murphy had after being all cleaned and all his hair cut!
  • @haepauie
    Bless this beautiful family for saving Murphy ❤
  • @crashburn3292
    I've lived on an almond ranch since 1992, and because it's right outside of town, we'll find dogs or cats about once a year. 4 of our last 7 dogs were found abandoned on in our orchard. It angers me greatly that a person could dump an animal, but then I'm sure our dogs Hannah, Piper, Duke and Maggie had much, much better lives with us than their former owner.
  • @tj4787
    I’m so sorry you lost Sunny 🙏🏾♥️Thank you for taking Murphy into your home and lives God bless you all 🙏🏾♥️