These People and Things Never Should Have Been Airborne

Published 2020-11-01
When high winds swept through a Denver, Colorado fair ground in 2018, this toilet took to the skies. The loo went and went, dozens of feet in the air, as if it were a kite, before crashing to earth. In the summer of 2020, a kite festival in Taiwan saw lots of aeronautics, including, unintentionally, a little girl! The 3-year-old hung on to a kite for dear life as the wind whipped her into the air. Terrified onlookers could do nothing, until a current brought her close to the ground. #InsideEdition

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  • @DakuJTenshi
    The grip strength on these kids is the most impressive part
  • @markmarsh27
    The fact that the 3 year old Taiwanese girl SURVIVED her kite flight is the single most amazing thing I've EVER SEEN!
  • @acernis7932
    As heroic as it is, lets just talk about how Inside Edition labeled the father jumping over the fence to save the child “airborne”
  • I just love how when the car landed from being in the air the owner just got up and walked away like nothing happened
  • @horrorpickles
    Imagine growing up, having kids, grandkids, and great grandkids and being able to tell them you flew in the sky on a kite at 3 years old 💀
  • @Louisiananews
    3 years old? wow, even in my prime, I don't think I could have held on like she did.
  • @skezziee
    While I was in a medieval fair also in Colorado, there was a sudden dust storm that swept across the field. This caused one of the porta potty's to lift up into the air and land in a nearby pond. It actually ended up there was a little boy in the portable toilet! Fortunately, he suffered fairly minor injuries, except that he was exposed to dangerous chemicals in the toilet itself, but what a scary experience that was. The only thing lost was his dignity.
  • @m.bandss
    "So, what is a near death experience that you've had?"

    "I flew into a building in my car"

    "How did that happen?"

    "I go fast, then car go skrrrrrrrrrrrr"
  • Just goes to show ya. Never underestimate just how powerful wind can be. It may not be a storm, but it can still cause some crazy moments. Crazy heart stopping moments.
  • @bobross3880
    ok but that 3 year old can literally tell everyone for the rest of her life she literally flew lmao
  • They said that they shouldve never gone airborne . But the dad was saving his child. 😂
  • @jackleary9192
    “This toilet took to the skys” has me DEAD! 😂😂😂😂
  • @pugz01234
    The most important thing that shouldn’t be airborne: covid-19
  • @j.thomas7128
    Mt Washington recorded a wind speed of 231mph (372kph) and that was the last recorded speed before the anemometer was blown off the mountain. The wind speed may have even been higher. Mt Washington is also known for being a mecca to extreme skiers and boarders that want to hike the peak and ski what's known as Tuckerman's Ravine or just Tuck's. Skiing Tuck's is part of extreme skiing right of passage for east coast skiers.
  • @aaronjuarbe
    Props to the little girl that held on to the door and her cell phone at the same time most adults wouldn't have been able to do that if the door were able to swing them like that
  • @uta-rt6kf
    There's a similar incident in Vietnam to the one in Taiwan, but the kid is not so lucky. During a kite festival, there was a performance which they flew a giant multicolor kite, a boy about 7-10 years old went hide in the kite without anyone's notice and when they flew the kite, he dropped right onto solid ground from almost 50 meters, killed him instantly.
  • @Iosthttp
    Imagine ur in a bathroom and a strong wind immediately summoned and ur a the middle of the sky