When you run into an invisible enemy

Published 2022-12-07

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  • Greg Renko
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  • Chaos Arrives
    "Going Naked is gonna give this whole operation a bad image"
    "Well, at least he died loocking stylish"
    Boss Greg 2022
  • Asha'man Sedai
    "You may die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make"
  • The Common Man
    I remember playing Halo: Combat Evolved and wondering why the Covenant even bothered with the active camouflage.
  • Joseph Laurence
    "Well I'm unusable and you can't see me!"

    Immediately shoots him
  • Sanity
    Died with 💫 S T Y L E 💫
  • XXKlunkXX ;
    Ur probably the best shorts youtuber ever, keep it up!!
  • Maria Miles
    Greg Renko your shorts are brilliant keep up the good work
  • DragHo92
    I love the way he gave it to. I can easily watch this short around and around, and I can only be just more amazed of how he put it ob everytime I rewatch it.
  • The BigFellah
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  • Nathan
    "at least he died looking stylish"💀💀💀💀
  • cloutedjasra
    Havent watched you i forever and now your still making my favorite videos keep up the good work man❤
  • Dusk Lobber
    Anyone else remember the invisible keckleon blocking the path in Pokémon Emerald?