N.S. woman dies after waiting for medical care in hospital ER

Published 2023-01-09

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  • Tk -526
    Absolutely disgusting of our healthcare system, it's just getting worse
  • Iggle Wiggle
    I am so sorry for what your wife experienced. Deep condolences to you.
  • Gail Vicente
    What a heart-wrenching story. I feel so incredibly sad for Allison's spouse and family. Unbelievable.
  • HRM Life
    Welcome to Nova Scotia. Highest taxes in the country, lots of jobs, yet low wages, major housing crisis, and over 125,000 people without a doctor. This poor lady. My thoughts are with her husband, young children, and family. Our Government is at fault for this.
  • Cici1791
    This is absolutely horrific. Poor sweetheart. Condoleances and prayers to her partner and family.
  • Heart wrenching 💔 I found that hospitals really do not care about pain they assume everyone is exaggerating! or looking for dr*gs! My husband was complaining of HEART pain so I rushed him to the hospital, nine hours waiting there, they treated him like a drug addict, dismissing all his concerns and saying they couldn’t find an issue so they couldn’t do anything to help him. He ended up finding a great family doctor, and turns out he has a very rare heart condition.. I’m telling you they acted like they didn’t believe he was in pain!
  • person1894Y49
    I am so angry. This is gross incompetence and pure negligence by staff involved. They must be held to account...there is no excuse. I dread the day I ever have to go to emergency...waiting hours to be seen.
  • Ahmed Hussein
    This is a disgrace , we need more hospitals, utilize the thousands of IMGs that Canada has .
    Rest in peace , thoughts and prayers to the family
  • This beautiful lady spent her final hours in excruciating pain till her body shut down. The delay made her worse. The hospital are fully at fault. I’m soo soo sorry for your loss brother. I just watched the full interview, soo heart breaking.
  • Brittney Babeee
    This is horrendous and I feel so bad for her and her family.
    That being said, I’ve witnessed this happen 3 different times in our local ER in TN, which is in the United States. This is not just a Canada problem. This is the problem of corporations running hospitals.
  • Lynette Hoselton
    What is really sad to me about this is that the medical staff potentially may have pre judged her based off of the “marijuana and vape pen usage” which sadly may have ended up ultimately in neglect and malpractice. A sentinel event. Poor decision’s on the medical staff. Pain is always subjective, not objective. This is such a sad, infuriating case that could have perhaps and likely been prevented. Terribly sad. God bless the family.
  • BeautyBliss
    Doctors should not be passing judgement, their job is to treat. Because she was young, the hospital did not take her symptoms seriously? She was right there at the hospital, this should not have happened. Incompetence. RIP 💔😥
  • Cindy S
    This is a young woman who should still be here. I really hope Allison’s husband and family keep pushing for answers. Hospitals doctors and government need to be held accountable. This is the worst I’ve ever seen things in my 60 years in Canada. RIP Allison and dear lord please be with everyone who loves her. 🙏😇❤️
  • Monica Kelloway
    RIP dear sweet Angel. You should be alive..,to many people in graves because they are not doing anything, no tests given. Our health system is beyond repair…they should be held accountable for the victims who are been passed over and died. Condolences to the family 🙏🙏🙏💔💔💔💔
  • KK
    This gives me chills, so much like my experience. Waited like 18hrs to get in. I was screaming in pain by the time they put me in a room, switched rooms a few times gave me pain medication i was blacked out by the time i got surgery my appendix had ruptured 48 hours earlier
  • CorbuloCDN1
    Even here in Winnipeg when you go to emergency you have to wait 6 to 7 hours. This is unacceptable. In November there was news that they were going to hire 2,000 health care professionals. Show how much the system is messed up. I'm so sorry for his loss.
  • CocoChanel
    And you gotta love the way hospitals always use "privacy" concerns when they're trying to figure out how to cover themselves. Meanwhile, the patient's family puts out every detail they can - exactly what they should do so that the hospital can't just sit back and do nothing.
  • Darlene Aitken
    There is always time to at least try to save someone's life. 100 % neglect.
  • Natasha Sauve
    I’ve been to the ER for stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and severe heartburn. Not sure why, but it happens to me every few years and lasts a week or more. When it happens, even drinking water can make me throw up. In the ER I can expect to wait in a cold, loud, and uncomfortable waiting room all day. The doctors are often rude (I honestly don’t expect them to be in a good mood considering their work conditions). The problem is that it’s extremely difficult to get treatment because no one seems to want to make a diagnosis or find out what’s wrong with you. The hospitals are broken because it’s all about getting patients out to free up beds. A lot of the time I get sent home and told to wait for things to improve. No tests are done, nothing prescribed. I don’t go to the ER anymore.

    And don’t get me started on lost test results… my sister almost died from sepsis because her doctor lost track of her test results for a urinary tract infection. She has permanent lung damage from the infection.

    Welcome to Canada.