LeBron gets nostalgic about his best shots as he closes in on history | NBA on ESPN

Published 2023-02-02

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  • Louie R
    He was the Chosen 1
    We witnessed it
    20 years already.
    He about to be the all time leading Scorer while still putting up 25 a night.
    Incredible longevity
  • KaneDylan
    It’s crazy to think about how consistent this man has been, most people thought by his 2nd year he was only going to last 10-12 years in the nba. To be this good for this long and to continue to evolve day by day is something we’ve be spoiled to see.
    I’ll never forget being 10 years old in ‘05 in the library ripping the poster from sport illustrated for kids of his windmill on the knicks, Johnny Damon on the other side of the poster… man time flies, but good times last forever
  • Jiiji ceente
    “I do what I want to do” That’s literally the perfect way to describe his game.
  • baller money
    The amount of pressure at the age of 18 and exceeded every expectations goes to show how incredible this man is.
  • I think I speak for all of us true fans when I say, the NBA will never be the same without him.
  • Michael Braswell
    TRUE STORY: In 2003, I waited purposely until after seeing Lebron's first NBA game to turn myself in to the authorities for 8 felony armed robbery charges. Now, in 2023 as a business owner, husband, and father I get the opportunity to see Lebron become the leading scorer in NBA history while in the comfort of my own home, with my family, and at peace. Just like myself, so many people doubted Lebron, gave him no chance, spoke ill about his abilities, and waited for his downfall. Against all odds and at the age of 38 he is a husband, father, billionaire, ambassador of the game he loves, and still hasn't spoken seriously of retirement. I don't see how anyone can hate on this man as an athlete and pillar of society. He is legendary. Salute to the king!!!!
  • NGL, he really evolved his game and he ain't lying about doing whatever he wanna do coz I've witnessed him dominate games in every way imaginable. Getting to the paint, post moves, fadeaways, middies, 3-balls, heck even just being a facilitator. Y'all can't deny greatness.
  • andy tsui
    man, I remember watching him in HS when he came to Columbus against Brookhaven - crazy to think he'll be tops in scoring AND ultimately top 3 in assists as well. the definition of a complete team player!
  • Slim Reaper 🥶
    We are about to witness history soon. I’ve always been a KD fan, but Lebron to me was always one of my top 3 favorite players in the league. I think it’s the way he plays the game on the court with his smart IQ and being able to get his team wins and get to the finals pretty much every/every other season. Once he passes Kareem it’s going to be LEGENDARY. He will definitely be missed when he retires from the league. All respect to him 💯
  • TangoAlpha
    LeBron is gifted with all the talent in the world, and yet continued to work harder than most at his craft, that's a true testament to his character. He didn't waste any of his natural gifts he was given.

    Been a pleasure to watch him over his career, and appreciate it for what it is. We live in a time of GOATs across every major sport, and they'll be appreciated more in the decades that follow and the absence of greatness similar to them. This generation of athletes are a culmination of science, optimization, recovery and longevity that have produced numbers we may never see again.
  • YoungBlaze81
    Say what you want about the man but he'll definitely be missed when he retires.

    He's the definition of the Quadruple Archetype
  • Adriano Adriano
    He's really King of basketball.. That body was doubted early as 2 years ago by critics and ESPN commentators. They said Lebron was done and shows slowing down of his body.. After that he get additional championship and out playing his previous years and playing like an MVP.
  • JBking1998
    As a Bulls fan I used to hate this man 😭😭😭 Everybod in the East knew they had to go thru Lebron if they wanted to win anything 😂😂 I let that hatred go when he went to the west and is still doing the exact same thing 😫😫 Gotta give that man his flowers 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • David Garcia
    Truly one of the greatest players we will ever see, if not the greatest. The king 👑 lives on ...
  • Anıl
    What a career, 20 years. Time passes fast. All thanks to King for giving us good matches and inspiration.
  • No player who's ever stepped on a court has had more expectations on his shoulders than this man. He lived up to it all. Surpassed it even. Who would've thought we'd see Kareem's seemingly unbreakable record shattered. Well done, King James.
  • Tasha Bell
    You the man LeBron James your charisma your peace your enthusiasm for what you believe in you are the BOSS the GOAT and a CARETAKER I'm happy to be a fan that is a witness about your greatness King LeBron James ❤️
  • Karter Trontvet
    Crazy thing is that he also has 7600 playoff points. Shattered that record as well.
  • Jaron Taylor
    Lol how time flies...I'll never forget the lebron shot from half court almost that beat Dwight and the magic in the playoffs...that was awesome...