These Nannies and Babysitters Are Heroes

Published 2022-04-09

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  • Jenna sensed something was wrong immediately and she did the correct actions to save the kid. She's so clever and swift!
  • jown hever
    The babysitter singing “part of your world” dang she has an amazing voice.
    That babysitter who gave her liver for that little girl just shows how much SHE LOVED that little girl!!!!!
  • A Florida Son
    If singing makes a babysitter a hero, then Ariel should be on the list, because millions of parents have used her as a babysitter on their TVs over the years, and around the world - lol.
  • Dodobrd
    The nanny who donated a piece of her liver had me tearing up. Like wow. What a selfless amazing person. I commend all the nanny s who chose to put a child before there own safety especially someone else's child.
  • Being a hero starts when you're brave enough to feel you need to do something right even in small things ,even other won't see it.
  • Nathan Berry
    2:22 that babysitter seems to be more than just a babysitter. And that she was willing to give her liver for the little girl was the sweetest thing ever.
  • luci
    i was a nanny for awhile. it surprised me how many people were trying to pay people less than fast food workers.
  • It is so nice to pay tribute to the incredible nannies and babysitters out there. We usually see the bad ones in action. Thank you for sharing this.
  • Cringe Worthy
    That first clip,that babysitter is definitely a hero...can u imagine what would of happened if she had to grab 2 toddlers &/or infant... I'm so glad they were able to get out safely. Hope they gave her a raise and/or a nice bonus
  • Zoey Ziva
    God Bless the Nannies..They protected these children...
  • HollowSoul
    I remember hearing about the boiler explosion. Absolutely terrifying to think of what could've happened had anything gone slightly different.

    I had to laugh with the last one, the Scary Poppins! But it's understandable that they would learn those techniques, especially with their clientele. I remember the story of the poor dog walker, who was it, Lady Gaga's? People go insane over abducting pets and kids from the rich and famous.
  • I started babysitting at 7, and once when I was helping my friend babysit a baby I was 8 at the time. we were in a big house by a river,we heard someone breaking in,this was at night. and my friend took off out of the back door leaving the baby in her crib and that shocked me she was 2 years older than me and I ran to the baby's room and grabbed the baby when I saw the guy walk towards the kitchen I ran out the front door he didn't see me for some reason, and I was skinny and the baby was fat n heavy lol thought I was gonna drop her. than ran to the neighbors house. and the guy took off after he saw me at the neighbours door when he was looking out the window. my instinct was to save the baby I was very mature at 8.
  • WayToSon
    I love that someone is sharing some sweet and amazing stories about Nannies.... As a former Nanny and child care provider its not heard often enough.
  • We see so many bad things about Nannie’s because there’s definitely bad ones, but there’s a whole lot of amazing Nannie’s too, so seeing this makes my heart happy!
  • ErdriedDeirdre
    Knowing that battle nannies exist out there somehow just makes the world a better place. 😍
  • Genie Hinseth
  • Eli Bell
    It's about time someone show some good, positive nanny and sitter stories!