Going Overboard, Rough Seas and Other Cruise Ship Disasters

Published 2020-02-23
Cruise ships have a lot to offer for a great vacation, but these passengers learned the hard way all the things that can go wrong at sea. This cruise ship hit a bad storm that was anything but relaxing. Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas was headed to the Bahamas from New Jersey when it got pummeled by high winds and rough seas. Water filled the hallway of a Carnival Cruise ship making it look like a scene out of the movie ‘Titanic.’ InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano has more. #InsideEdition

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  • @7evax
    That water clean up was pretty impressive
  • @Michaela.x
    How did that women stay afloat for 90 minutes until someone found her ? I can hardly float for more than 3 minutes when the water is over my head! That’s amazing and same with the other woman
    I’ve been on 11 carnival cruises myself and I’d like to say I’ve only ran into rough waters maybe twice out of the eleven times and it wasn’t really that bad
  • @amymoquin8636
    Cruise ships explicitly tells you that you will be left behind if you're late. They tell you it repeatedly when you leave the ship.
  • @Globss
    Imagine getting on a boat then getting mad when you get caught in a storm
  • Kudos to the man who literally kissed the ground after getting off that first cruise ship.
    Not many people actually commit to actually doing that.
  • @zackfulton8373
    I don’t understand why that one cruise ship would set sail while it’s STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Smh
  • @vixxi_3512
    “refunded everyones money“

    the first cruise deserved the money 😭
  • @nena200able
    I used to want to go on a cruise, but I've seen/heard about enough messes on cruise ships that made me change my mind. The woman that was so drunk she fell over board is extremely lucky to be alive. The fall alone could have killed her.
  • @TitanFlare
    2:18 I highly doubt she had to “beg” anyone to go back. Pretty sure the Captain of the boat isn’t going to leave someone to die in the water just because the ship is on a schedule
  • @dawn8288
    Imagine the fear the woman felt as she fell overboard.....I’m surprised the fall alone didn’t kill her,still,glad it ended well and she was ok .
  • @lingling2823
    Omg... imagine falling into the middle of the ocean and it’s pitch black. I would’ve been so scared of sharks
  • @jnate6095
    In 2019, I went on Allure of the Seas for 7 days. An hour after we sailed into the sea, we had to turn around, but I didn’t know why. My older cousin later told me in the room, a lady fell off the ship and that’s why. She’s okay, but I can’t imagine the fear she felt when she was in the dark blue ocean, with no floor to stand on, hoping nothing would eat her.
  • My wife and I were on the cruise with that couple that missed the departure. Passengers that were on the rails as the ship departed actually laughed because the couple didn’t think the ship would leave..They eventually met us in Cozumel or the Cayman Islands if my memory serves me correctly.
  • @nicole14355
    I don't know I feel like if this happened to you on a cruise ship you don't necessarily get to be surprised. You willingly get on a ship that is going out into the open seas. You have to know this is a possibility.
  • For everyone saying they won’t go on a cruise ship, if you have the opportunity plz do, I’ve been on a Disney cruise and a Royal Caribbean Cruise, both were absolutely wonderful and I had a lot of fun on both of them. The ships can’t control the weather, and if you’re 45 minutes late to coming back to the ship, that is definitely on you, ships inform you of set times to be back on the boat. We set all our excursions planned through the companies so if that our Excursion had a delay the ship would wait because it was part of their company.
  • I worked for Norwegian cruise line, the only thing I heard about similar to this was during my contract I think a total of 2 people passed away while on vacation.

    Also if an employee is late back to the ship they will leave you there, you can meet up with them at the next port but you’ll be fired upon arrival
  • @tvommy
    Aren’t their fault for the storm, they try their best to get out of the storm quickly
  • @catrionakirk364
    i was on the first cruise ship (the anthem of the seas) and it was not as dramatic as they make it seem. it was not a 45 degree angle and did not feel like a roller coaster - the ship was literally swaying gently at maybe a 20 degree angle (like i was able to roller blade during the time we were stuck in the storm), and the staff handled it very well.