Undercover Investigation Gets 'Kingpin' of Bicycle Thieves Arrested

Published 2015-11-13
Residents in Portland are having major problems with bicycle thieves. Bike Gallery, a local store loaned us a mountain bike worth $2,000, and security expert Jason Cecchettini then planted a radio tracking device in the bike. We then locked up the... #InsideEdition

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  • @tannerabel6580
    Arrested 70 times and still committing crimes. I love our justice system..
  • @Skylord12345
    "Been trying to put him behind bars for a long time"

    Wow, the police being shown up by reporters. That is pretty embarrassing.
  • @kyawthu755
    This is why I ride a unicycle
    Not many thieves skilled to ride a unicycle or have sufficient dignity to sell it
    Edit: Maybe a Penny Farthing would up the challenge
  • @JxsonKing
    “Where did you get that bike?”
    “It’s not my bike”
    “I know, it’s my bike”
    shut down by the best boomer reporter out there 😂
  • @newkingd0m
    Our justice system is amazing. Here I am terrified if I got arrested once let alone 70 times
  • @saucy05
    Arrested 70 times? That's a failure of the justice system.
  • @God.sDaughter
    I love Lisa. She doesn’t even give these losers a chance to explain themselves. Puts them on the hot seat. Love it!
  • @peterbucek2136
    "He's specialized for plantimg tracking devices in places you'd never expect"
    [Puts it under the seat]
  • @regslime2411
    The police system should be embarrassed that a news station was able to catch a known criminal
  • @ravenrevlin5704
    Its great that Inside Edition is helping to get criminals behind bars! Keep doing what your doing guys!
  • @jacktursso3614
    Having a bike stolen from me in the past and having to get a cheaper one to get around has me loving this and makes me curious about anything I can do to my bike to make sure I can lock it up in very public places and if it gets stolen I can get it back with the tracking devices
  • @tlchmedia
    That cop was being like: "This lady just got me a handy dandy promotion".
  • @randomapple64
    As someone from portland, I can attest to the fact that bikes being stolen is an everyday occurrence here. Also the way she said Willamette made me cringe so hard omg
  • @joe9042
    Make an example of them! Punish them so hard, they give up. Weakness is a disease, in our society.
  • @Xplayer77
    Mom: what do you wanna be when you grow up

    Me : I want to be a professional skilled on planting tracking devices on bikes and places you’d never expect .
  • @TheBleetbleet
    Skilled at planting tracking devices in bikes is an extremely particular focus for his career, I'm glad it worked out
  • @CG87343
    “He’s expert at putting tracking devices in places you’d never expect”.

    AAANNNNDDD they show an example of a place where a tracking device would be placed.

  • Man, even in The Netherlands bikes get stolen.

    My bike was stolen from a train station. It was old and cheap, so it doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive, it can happen.

    Make sure you put multiple locks on it and keep it in a place with multiple bikes. That way, your bike is less likely to get stolen.