'We send our support': Coldplay perform Iranian protest song Baraye in Buenos Aires

Published 2022-10-31

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  • Sajid
    Incredible song. Best of luck to the brave people of Iran fighting against the dictatorship. Love and prayers from Bangladesh.
  • Adam Cowlie
    Thank you Coldplay for your heartbreaking performance supporting human right in Iran. People of Iran watched your performance with tears and hope . Thank you and love from Iran.
  • Sulaiman Sibai
    What a song, this needs to be released in the charts.
  • santiago luna
    I was there, it was amazing heard it in live. It was really emotive. Vamos argentina, viva irán
  • Navid Rahimi
    the level of gratitude any person in Iran can offer to this gig will not make up for their solidatiry and supportive actions they represented as a music band. Thanks for echoing the voice of chokced and suppressed women and men that are fighting everyday to reach closer to their fundamental freedoms. Thank you Coldplay!!
  • sars tally
    I am not Iranian but when I heard this song for the first time on Saturday night I cried. The words, the melody, the harmony. It was perfect.

    The power of music is so beautiful. It unites people from different backgrounds, counties & cultures.

    Sending so much love and strength to everyone fighting for their human rights.

    From a South African in solidarity🇿🇦❤️
  • A Khan
    I cant stop tearing up. We could have such a beautiful world.
  • Desi_Des S
    I pray for all the Iranian women and men who are fighting for freedom. This is such a beautiful song and I keep playing it over and over again.
  • Carla Walker
    Even just being in the theatre experiencing this concert was incredibly moving and made me more aware how I as an American, take all my freedoms for granted. Thank you Coldplay and all performers that sang this song
  • Jennifer Ageniver
    Thank you from people fighting for freedom 😭 The song is so so touching
  • wishingonthemoon1
    Thank you, Coldplay, for caring about women’s rights. There’s been a lot of radio silence from the West. Thank you for using your voice! I pray every day the revolution will be successful. Women, life, freedom!
  • Eliel D'Souza
    This song is soul touching. There's something about it that makes your heart want to reach out to Iran and all the suffering there is in the world.
  • Aylar Noblepour
    There are no words to describe how much this meant to us...I can't stop crying.
  • Nisa
    Thank you Coldplay for playing this song and spreading its message ❤️
  • Gokul pradeep
    As a Indian I got cried. What a incredible song. Wish you all best for your freedom!! World is with you.
  • Siaye niakamal
    Wow what a performance from Cold Play and Golshifteh. It brings tears to my eyes. Thanks Cold Play for supporting our people! We need every support we can get!
  • Eliana Herrera
    Love and support from Perú to my Iranian sisters!
  • M
    The song is made of iranian people's tweets about why they want to make a change. It's very personal to Iranians. Thank you coldplay. Iranians are forever a big fan of yours. ❤