Atlanta Hawks Announcer Suffers On-Air Medical Emergency

Published 2022-12-06
Sportscaster Bob Rathbun suffered an on-air medical emergency during an Atlanta Hawks basketball game. Rathbun slowly slumped in his chair and then started to convulse while commentating on the game. As Rathbun loses consciousness, someone off-camera reaches in to help him as the camera cuts away. His rep said in a statement to Inside Edition that the 68-year-old announcer "briefly lost consciousness on the court." “Emergency medical professionals on-site quickly treated Rathbun for dehydration,” the statement continued.

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  • JSY
    I had a brain aneurysm in 2010 and the paramedics told my wife I was severely dehydrated. There is more going with this man. God bless him 🙏🏾
  • Poor man, I am glad he is fine. Well done to the emergency medical professionals for their quick response.
  • Linda
    Dehydration is such a terrible and preventable thing. I was experiencing palpitations once (before becoming an RN) and I didn’t know why. Ended up being dehydrated, got some IV fluids at the hospital and it resolved with no problems. Stay hydrated! Glad he’s ok!
  • peddle
    Thanks for circling the guy because I never would have spotted which of the 2 men was having medical difficulties without your help.
  • Amanda Leigh
    Him being "treated for dehydration" does not rule out that he was or is not being treated for something else.
  • nonabliss
    I'm glad Mr. Rathbun is okay. That was scary to watch. I hope he will recover 100%.
  • cherries22
    That looked like more than just dehydration. Whatever was going on I'm glad to hear he's ok.
  • Carter Hope
    So glad he’s responsive now praying for y’all tonight
  • PD Vision
    I've been dehydrated before and I was sick to my stomach, nauseous, ect, but I didnt convulse and go unconscious. Regardless of what caused it, I hope he is okay!
  • Lady T
    Glad that he is doing well.
  • Nathan
    Dehydration may have been a contributing factor but it definitely wasn’t the sole reason he was convulsing.
  • Absolutely not, dehydration will not cause convolutions. Overall, I’m glad he is ok and doing well.
  • Donald Lee
    The whole time I'm watching this video I'm screaming in my head "Dominique turnaround!" . I know he was focused on his commentary and did not realize what was going on. Happy to hear that he is doing well and wishing him a speedy recovery.
  • Rhonda R
    You can see he mouth move saying “HELP ME!” I’m praying he is feeling better!🙏🏽
  • rachaeleigh
    As someone who had a seizure and woke up in the hospital not knowing what happened I really hope he's ok.
  • Franko Robinson
    Its a very scary thing when your body give out and you have no control of what will happen next,its a very helpless feeling. Glad your still with us bob
  • Elizabeth Deen
    I dont doubt they treated him for dehydration but that was absolutely not the only issue present. Wishing a fast recovery.