The Most Heart-Stopping Moments of 2021...So Far

Published 2021-06-20
We’re halfway through 2021, and the year has already given us plenty of heart-stopping moments. In May, a little girl got the scare of her life while playing in the waves in Hawaii, when a shark’s fin appeared. In North Carolina, a couple had a terrifying encounter with an aggressive and rabid bobcat in their own driveway. And first responders in Arkansas raced to save a 3-week-old baby who was struggling to breathe. #InsideEdition

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  • Kelsea Nova
    That officer who saved the baby was so calm.
  • cxssidyy
    The little girl: "I don't know, but I wasn't gonna stick around to find out."
    People in horror movies: "Let's do the opposite!"
  • lucksray524
    That Bomb is nearly 100 years old and still blew like that, just imagine the fear those brave soldiers endured in WW2
  • Wendell Barnes
    The cop and the baby. Much respect and thank you for your assistance in life.
  • LumiSherbert
    I like how they clarified that the more aggressive behavior of the shark and bobcat wasn't natural.
    The shark did not bite the girl, but if it had, it would have been a mistake.
    The bobcat was rabid, which was probably a big reason for it attacking.
    I like it when news channels clarify that stuff.
  • TheOriginalOne
    “CMON YOU GOT THIS!” Hits me with so many emotions. You can tell the officer is happy to see a pulse but hes still trying to tell the person this is you. Youre the one fighting like cmon ! You can make it. Amazing police officer right there
  • Philip Neumann
    I love how the mom says: “She said there was a shark, I immediately dropped my phone“
    casually kept filming when the shark was fully visible on tape
  • Iamcharchanell
    "Idk, but I wasn’t gonna stick around to find out" She’s so smart & cute glad she’s okay! good job mom. ☺️😂
  • Lori Miller
    The girl that was in the water was absolutely adorable. What a doll. Hope she forgets all about it and doesn't have any ptsd. ❤️
  • Tiara Aryanna
    Imagine climbing a building only to get arrested afterwards😭
  • Lucy
    4:15 “come on you got this!” - my entire body went cold hearing that, what incredible officers <3
  • Patric Well
    Honestly people don't realize how hard it actually is to break a window
  • Liam r
    the guy named “happy” didn’t seem too happy when the bobcat was attacking them.
  • Happy is the most American person I’ve ever seen. He just throws a bobcat and shoots it with his pistol right after it lands.
  • Yas D
    Saving the baby's life Infront of his parents is heart shifting
  • Rabies is the scariest disease in the entire world. There is nothing more terrifying than contracting it. Good thing these people got treated
  • Asya
    That cat was going nuts! Your husband is a hero. And glad yall both ok.