The Internet Changed Me

Published 2022-12-03
The Internet is so le epic (me gusta)
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All Comments (21)
  • JakeTheBikerDude
    As a kid born in the 2000s I can confirm that the internet changed my life and made me into who I am today, glad that I grew up with the internet
  • I'm a Gen Z kid born in 2001 and this video really hit me with some sweet nostalgia. Pinball and that free form ms paint is so relatable. I used to be so proud of having 256 kbps and 10 GB per month along with carry forward of the left out data. Using torrent to download movies which would take days on end and then finally watching it. Being dazzled by the visualizer in the windows media player. watching the screensaver continuously to see if it hits the corner.

    As the internet evolved in the late 2000s, I remember playing webcam games with my friends which were so fun and felt like the technology from the future when you could just hit and control players with your body movements. The era when justin bieber released baby was also one to cherish. Playing club penguin with my friends day and night. Using a fake birthday to create a facebook account and then coming home after school to chat with my homies.

    Damn! Simple days are the sweetest memories.
  • Honestly love whichever animator draws the hands so knobbly. It's a wonderful way to make complex hand gestures more recognisable if hands are a bit hard to draw (for anyone who wants to draw hands and are struggling), and looking funky too!
  • ZenisterOne
    I had no idea you had such a large team involved in your production. Thank you for highlighting them!
  • Pink Sloth
    I'm later Gen Z and I've played space cadet pinball, good times
  • Pyknicne92
    I am a gen z'er and I've never experienced late 90s to 2000s internet but I somehow understand everything you said about pre-2010s internet, the internet without social media is definitely like cereal without milk but there's alot more options to spend your time online without that "brainrotting algorithm monster" on your fingertips
  • Moonwing
    I do like how James has been adding little bits of his Netflix show into this video- I hope he does it with most of them.
  • snype
    4:11 my most favorite scene to ever exist
  • faberzinKK
    Hey dude, in Brazilian and I'm using your videos to learn more english, I use your videos because besides having many different subjects, they are fun and grab my attention. Thanks bro <3
  • Migo Verse
    You have an amazing, wide and talented team, I mean bro STORYBOARD ARTIST, 5 OF THEM!, no wonder videos are so top tier, this team is amazing all these unique talents all creating a project for an audience so willing to listen, must be a blessing, like look at the end credits for like 10 seconds no music, no voice just look at the end credit, processing the's beautiful an the message is good too, great for people who really do spent too much time on the idea and really should be exercising and stop procrastinating (that person is me).
  • Chaos King
    Now I'm not a millennial, but every time we went to my grandpa's house on the weekends, all there was to do was tv, space cadet pinball on a computer the size of a mini fridge, and an Atari. I was raised with the classics growing up. That space cadet pinball game footage and neopets just fired so many nostalgia shots it's insane!
  • shanice mupamombe
    Ok I'm not a millennial I'm a Gen Z but I can't even begin to explain the excitement I felt at 5:56. I loved pinball!!! I could spend hours on this game when I was younger.
  • kaylamongar
    I love how he like animates all these stories and tells us stories it's intertaining for me! Also answer this comment if you like this YouTube legend!
  • Our Feelings
    Nice to see how much James' animations have improved over the years!
  • A?
    I love how bro refrences his tv show almost every time 😂
  • Mia-Sara King
    wow James' team is amazing!! the animation is so smooth and expressive. hats off to everyone!!
  • Vir
    4:34 This part got me ROLLING SO HARD LMAO