Uncle Roger Learn INSANE Cowboy Cooking (ft. @CowboyKentRollins)

Published 2023-11-19
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All Comments (21)
  • So thankful to have gotten the opportunity to do this with Uncle Roger, We had a great time and he made a great Cowboy Cook, my friend you are welcome in our camp any time
  • @hallykat6402
    I grew up on a farm so when Cowboy Kent said "oysters" my brain immediately went, 'Oh, Uncle Roger's not gonna like these oysters." 😂
  • @storytime6263
    This is what it's about, people from different cultures coming together and having a good time with good food.
  • @king_trout
    Seeing Kent laugh at all your jokes hard enough that he had to turn around made me happy. Seems like you guys had a lot of fun.
  • @Elecjester
    that lil "if you're white & you feel racist saying HAIYAA & FUIYOH, let uncle roger do it for you!" had me laughing so hard =)
  • @YouTubeBinging
    Soooooo this needs to be a series. This absolutely can't be a one off. You guys struck gold. Rush Hour: Cowboy Style
  • "Cows eat grass, i eat cows, therefore, i eat grass so I'm a vegetarian" impeccable logic.
  • @evilkakepie708
    I could never say anything like this in front of such a wholesome guy
  • @timfeeney7921
    The Uncle Roger collabs are the best. Also the chemistry between you too is so great there has to be a reunion in 2024.
  • @brandonhall5615
    I've been watching Cowboy Kent for a hot minute. Only recently came across Uncle Roger, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to need a new spleen after laughing at his jokes and watching Cowboy Kent processing Uncle Roger's swearing and sense of humor. Peak! You two done good (already watched Kent's vid).
  • @lamourette
    As a vegan, I'd like to say I really appreciate this collaboration and am grateful for it on this Thanksgiving ❤

    Even tho I'm vegan, I'm here for the Mc Ballsack and McPenis. Love both you guys.
  • @sluggytrobodo
    Cowboy Kent is the best collaboration you've done. Seems like a genuine good dude.
  • @haji_yasin
    Best collab between a wholesome granddad and a humourous uncle
  • @bowbert23
    When I though Uncle Roger couldn't come up with a cooler co-op he then takes out such a gem out of his sleeve. Thank you.
  • @SoSo-hb1my
    I’ve never thought of wanting to watch a cowboy and an Asian person cooking together. But this is such a great collaboration love it love it
  • @mattallen8136
    This was the YouTube cooking crossover special we didn’t know we needed, but thankful we got it!
  • @Korokete
    Uncle cowboy laughing his ass off with the mc ballsack idea had me rolling on the floor.
  • Kent is so wholesome, it's weird hearing so many dark/dirty jokes with him in a video. Hopefully you didn't corrupt him too much
  • @leedayvault5594
    I was thinking the same thing as the other commenters - the chemistry in this episode was incredibly. These guys make the perfect comedy team.
    They need to turn this into something bigger. Kent is so authentic and super likable- hilarious in his own way.
    Them together was amazing.