Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

Published 2023-02-02

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  • Dilon G
    If you think I’m going to sit here and watch some grown as men play dodgeball you’re absolutely right. This is entertaining
  • Alex W99
    Peyton being legitimately devastated by losing to Eli is perfect😂😂
  • _.1k
    “They throwing it hard” “glad I ain’t make no pro bowls” mannn had me dying 🤣🤣
  • Ian Ovenden
    This pro bowl was the best thing the NFL has tried in a long time. So fun and feels like everyone is having more fun both players and fans. I have my issues with the NFL nowadays but this absolutely earned them some points back. More of this pls!
  • Moisty Mangus
    I know there is a lot of hate towards the pro bowl games, but seeing rival players working in a team, and having fun playing DODGEBALL together makes me so happy
  • befreud
    This is what the pro bowl needs to be. Not fake football, just super competitive, insanely talented dudes going ham in some fun mini games
  • SuperMaanas
    The NFC defense vs the NFC offense is one of the most intense matches of anything that's I've seen
  • Nathan Schroeder
    This was more entertaining than most Thursday night games this year
  • L AV
    The NFL has saved its All Star Weekend. It's a completely new animal now. Will definitely be tuning in next year.
  • yerp SOOhard
    The color commentary here had me cracking up! Its always fun to watch some grown ass men having fun playing kids games. Also putting the fans and mascots at risk of taking a ball to the chops made it even more entertaining lol
  • ajh856
    This is so nostalgic to watch. I miss playing dodgeball in high school. We would go so hard
  • thescreamingfrog
    This was really fun to watch. Props to the announcers as well. “Aim for the quads!” Taking about Saquon 😂
  • cosby jackson
    The commentary is amazing.. if I was a producer I’d be jumping all over this this is genius
  • Wade Wilson
    This is so much more fun to watch then the old pro bowl games.
    I love that they were all into it and being competitive.
  • CamS
    That “good dodge” from Peyton at 11:26 is killing me 😂
  • Xc3lsi0r
    Sheesh love how they are so competitive for dodge ball. Insanely entertaining and probably was a ton of fun
  • kY
    commentary made this 10x better, best pro bowl i’ve seen in a awhile😂
  • Hugh Dunbar
    So much more fun to watch, and I love they don't have to risk their bodies (and careers) to participate. Brilliant.