SEC Shorts - Auburn loses to New Mexico State

Published 2023-11-20
It was a low point for the Auburn football program on Saturday following an embarrassing loss to the 28 point underdog New Mexico State Aggies. Auburn fans have learned the best way to cope with this type of disappointed; and that is to see their doctor and get a new prescription for AuburnFansatol Extra Strength.

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  • You have hit rock bottom in your season when an entire SEC Short is devoted to your program.
  • As an Arkansas fan...seeing Auburn get throttled by NMSU this week after blowing Arkansas out last week absolutely hurts...
  • " it includes the denial that your previous quarterback just threw 6 TDs in the first half and locked up the Heisman for another school." As an Oregon fan, I would like to say thanks, Auburn.
  • @db399
    This all goes to show how long and unpredictable the season is. New Mexico State lost at home to UMass in Week 0, and then UMass got blown out by Auburn the next week. But later in the season New Mexico State embarrasses Auburn.
  • @logangoodin5494
    The fact he put the loss of Alabama to UL Monroe on the road just to turn around and get one where it says can still win a championship had me rolling.
  • @srs1518
    As an Auburn fan, watching this is like getting the repair estimate after backing into a parked Ferrari. And then I remember that we still have Alabama. So its like I backed into a Ferrari and pushed it into a Lamborghini.
  • Coming from an A&M fan who watched the app state game live, I have nothing but gratitude for the auburn tigers.
  • Probably not the comment you expected to see on here but as a Kentucky fan I teared up a little bit when we were called a middle of the road SEC team. Never thought i'd see the day that we climbed UP to the middle 😆
  • @Kimsey47
    Thank you Auburn! - Signed all Tennessee Fans who can't forget Georgia State
  • As a Bama fan this is simply gold! However, the other Auburn will be playing this Saturday😬
  • NMSU fan here. Making SEC shorts is the second best thing to happen to Aggie football this season!
  • @seanmcgowan8819
    Best one of the season. The part about if you experience your former QB throwing 6 TDs and locking up the Heisman at his new school had me lmao
  • @user-uj8pf5gd7k
    Thank you for including ULM in an SEC Short! As an alumni, we are pleased to finally be mentioned in this great series. One day we are going to get another SEC skin on our wall and hopefully get an entire SEC short devoted to the WARHAWKS!
  • @goonerbear8659
    Herbie didn't even say "Chin up, Auburn fans" because he knows what's coming next week
  • @stevekerr1386
    I am amazed at the talent and skill you guys have to put these out each week. Thanks for all you do.
  • @Deflower-me-tap
    Haha! This was great! Auburn is just so dang inconsistent. That's my husband's alma mater, and I swear- Everytime it's looking up for them, they blow it like this. Where else but SEC shorts can we laugh about ourselves?! 💜💛Geaux Tigers!💛💜
  • @tmoney7643
    Props to Auburn for at least playing a tough out of conference game in November... you might not have won, but the rest of us did.