The King - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 30

Published 2022-12-03

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  • bonnie63
    I love that this episode marks the end of an era. Finally, after 6 years, that hole in the taskbar has been restored. It's just beautiful.
  • Miopia
    Após anos acompanhando cada episódio, cada emoção e sentimentos diferentes ao longos dos episódios, finalmente se encerra uma história.

    E eu também me emocionei com a homenagem ao technoblade
  • Jacob Carranza
    That was absolutely beautiful. I love watching how the animation and storytelling has evolved over the years and episodes. This was an absolute amazing ending to this series
  • Deathcall777
    God damn man how the hell does Alan manage to give characters with no faces and no voiced dialogue have more emotion that most professional actors now a days?! It’s so impressive and this is a great way to close off the best season of the series yet!
  • lee_quiche
    I remember watching these little dudes when I was younger! I was kind of catching up on this exactly when the story started to progress and just realized when this video got recommended that this might be the end of the series.

    I started to re-watch EVERYTHING before the end to refresh my memory (I didn't even realized I missed like a quarter section of the series lol); from the very original one where The Chosen One was created, where they(Stick Fighters and Second Coming) all met, to them being in video games like old school arcade games, LOL, and this, Minecraft. Suddenly it started having shorts where they all do silly things and I've grown attached to them more than I expected!

    This series mean so much to me and I cannot thank you and your team enough for making this! I still giggle and laugh at all the gags and jokes like the same videos from 8 years ago(although not exactly at those years since I didn't have access to the internet at that time LOL)!

    I love all the personalities you gave the stick figures and I love all their interactions, I keep having myself to pause at some moments because I want to see their movements individually when they all do crazy stuff at once!

    You inspired me and most likely so many others so much to be an artist and an animator, thank you once again for this lovely series with endearing lovable characters, a heart wrenching storyline, and an amazing ending!:DD
  • Imaan Junaid
    This episode makes me realize that King Orange isn't really a bad guy. He lost his son, who was probably the most precious thing & person in Orange's entire life. He wanted to destroy the thing he blamed on his son's death AKA Minecraft. But he got so lost in revenge that he didn't realize that this was probably not what Gold would've wanted. I cried at the scene when the king realized that Purple was perfect for him. I agree & think that they are both perfect for each other, as Purple had lost his father, Navy, and King Orange had lost his son, Gold. They both are like two missing pieces of a puzzle. I think that it's amazing that Alan Becker can make such an emotional & deep story without saying a word!

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  • ExeCubos
    Alan literally created a masterpiece, we will never forget how this StickMans story began and how it ended, simply amazing.
  • DaTree Pixelated
    Despite all the things he made he still managed to put that Technoblade reference as a respect to his passing.
  • R0AD_killer
    This was an amazing series, it started off as just kind of a cool little stickman animation, and ended up being a huge story! I love every second I watch this, and the amount of detail put into this. I hope more series like this are made by you, as this was a masterpiece.
  • Olga Bodnarash
    I love how this became from a simple and fun cartoon to a whole emotional series full of adventure and other universes. Hoping for more series like this!
  • Tal vez sea el primer comentario en español pero puedo decir que fue la mejor serie de Minecraft con historia, desarrollo y final digno que he visto fue un gusto disfrutar esta hermosa serie.
  • Spider - Dani 456
    Thanks Alan for an amazing series, a series that will live in the hearts of all of us for the rest of our lives.
  • Joejo511
    This is an insane level of animation. Congrats to the whole team that worked on this. A masterpiece !
  • SiriuX
    Never have I shed a single tear during a movie. Ever. This episode alone nearly made me burst out in tears. 12/10
  • Vball girly
    I’ve been watching since the beginning and it’s such a bitter sweat moment to see everything come together in such an amazing and poetic way.This series was amazing and Allen Becker did amazing with it and honestly deserves some kind of reward.
  • Chatty Clan
    Alan Becker,your animation is making a big impact on my life.I started watching you a less than a year ago.But I am very sure I made guaranteed that I finished watching the Animation Vs Minecraft series before episode 30 came out.I know its kind of late to make this comment but if you do see this I would like to thank you for all your amazing animations over the years. P.S. I'm making a Minecraft build of a scene from this video at 22:35. I also made one of the end where Purple and Orange are sitting on the fence together.
  • Mita Bera
    The series is like a emotion. It means a lot without a single word. This series takes a place in my heart and it will stay there for the rest of my life. Thank you Alan Becker for giving us such a beautiful series
  • Honestly the fact this is around double the length of the original Animation vs Minecraft really says something about how far this series has come
  • 🥕 - th3o!!
    it started as tsc just taking the minecraft block like nothing, suddenly Alan thought of an amazing idea of making an entire story.