Tourists Join Cliff-Jumping Craze That Kills Dozens Each Year

Published 2016-05-04
Cliff diving is a popular activity among tourists but the thrill can come at a price. In 2015 in the U.S. alone, more than two dozen leaps ended in death. We traveled to Jamaica, a popular spot for the stunt, one American suffered a bloody cut to her nose. IE producer Charlie McLravy was recording in the water when a tourist cut their nose. It hit close to home for McLravy. He nearly lost his life in 2009 after leaping off a bridge near Yosemite, California while on vacation with his family. #InsideEdition

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  • Small Turtle
    “Cause I’m an idiot.”
    At least he’s self-aware lol
  • shadesofpink
    I remember two 14 year old twins I went to school with jumped off the cliffs at La Jolla shores. One twin jumped first and started drowning, then the other twin jumped in to save him and he drowned too. We were in Jr. High and that incident really shook us all.
  • Jasmine D
    I’m Jamaican and as my family and I would always travel to Jamaica, various of my parents friends would come with us each time. Ricks Cafe is a favorite for us, we go every trip. One time one of my moms friends decided to jump off the highest jump which is on the tip top of a tree, arms everywhere and screaming the whole way down until she slapped the water so hard that it broke all of her ribs 😭 now i’m too scared to even jump off the 12 feet one
  • Notebook
    “Cause im an idiot.”
    At least he’s admitting.
  • Your moms
    “AND LOOK AT WHAT THIS GUY IS SELLING !!!” 💀💀💀 put his whole face out there
  • maddy
    Who else is watching a marathon of Inside Edition?

    No...just me?... ok then....
  • T4l Uchiha
    Man I remember jumping off this cliff back in 2006 and it hurt like hell when you hit that water but it was definitely an adrenaline rush.. The Jamaicans that live there actually jump from about 60 feet in air off of small tree lambs. it was very amazing to watch these guys Risking their life for a few dollars.
  • Nick Kiczek
    I've been to Rick's Café and let me tell you, jumping off the cliffs there feels nothing like slamming into concrete.
  • ThickSteve17
    I feel like people overestimate the danger of cliff jumping. I've been diving all over Hawaii, and my one tip is to only jump where you witness other people jumping safely. Sure, from high enough, water can become like cement, but if you're going to jump off anything over 40 ft, all you need is sandals.
  • Daniel P
    I was only 11 when I was at that cafe in Jamaica and I remember the native divers would pray for 20-30 minutes before each jump
  • fjbdmw76
    Its hard for me to feel sorry for these people that risk their lives doing this
  • TheOwlCreek
    The only reason that this segment even exists was so Lisa can go on a free vacation to Jamaica 🇯🇲
  • Dwayne Austin
    The 35 foot jump at Rick's really isn't bad. It's only about 3-4 feet higher than a 10 meter diving platform you can find in some public pools. You just have to make sure you enter the water correctly. When I was growing up in Chicago, we'd go to Portage Park pool (Irving Park and Central) or Rehm pool in Oak Park, IL and jump off the 10m platforms they had at both locations. I think they removed the 10m platform at Rehm park this past summer though.
  • Nick Chaps
    I just went there 2 months ago! It is amazing! Jamaica has some of the nicest people in the world
  • mean he
    I’m older now, and I used to jump off of very high cliffs when I was young, and I fully believe it’s what has contributed to my back problems now.
  • Alison
    Jumped once at Rick's café in 2006. Sober. I wanted to get over my fear of heights-didn't work, but luckily I was fine and a strong swimmer. It felt like a long time in the air and went down very deep because of the height. Glad I tried it and was safe, but will likely never do anything like that again!
  • soccervballlife
    One time I found a $100 on the ground, and I was scared to pick it up because I thought Lisa would pop up
  • Would be interesting to know people's experience. If it's deep, if you've jumped a minimum before from lower heights and you know how to control yourself in the air, well, it should be fine...