These Superhero Moms Saved Their Kids From Danger

Published 2021-05-08
When their kids were in trouble these moms came to the rescue, like real-life superheroes. A Michigan mother was shot while protecting children on a playground from a mass shooter in Michigan. Another mom shielded her kids from gunfire during an ambush in Texas. A Florida mom physically stopped a carjacker from taking her vehicle with her two kids in the backseat. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more. #InsideEdition

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  • @tiredmummy7512
    There is NOTHING more dangerous in nature than a mother protecting her children!!!!!
  • @simplytoya704
    I honestly cried during this video because we will do ANYTHING to protect our children.
  • @Shaihan
    "what if it was one of the younger kids?" That made me cry
  • @the.daisy.horror
    massive, massive respect for all those brave and unbelievably strong mothers
  • I just love how the one mom literally threw the perp out of the car. I just have to say, “you go girl!” To each one of these awesome mamas.
  • @terrariley4289
    props to the mom with a gun for not only saving her kids but practicing proper gun safety when having kids in the house.
  • Everyone talking about the dog story but what about the women getting shot to protect either their children or someone else’s child like damn that’s some courage
  • @OtakuBulb
    I was so worried when the dogs attacked the child.. what’s with her neighbors not putting their dogs on a leash?!
  • @Crystix
    This is why i respect mothers. They really love their children and protect them with all their strength. Strong moms <3
  • That mom that shielded her son with her body against those 2 dogs..... omg what a bad ass!!!! THAT is motherhood at its finest!!!
  • @somerdae4060
    OMG the mom with the dogs 😭 how horrible , it's honestly my worst fear whenever I walk with my children.
  • As a mom, there is no question that you would endure any injury, even death, for your child. Don't mess with mama bear.
  • @YURI_SAN0183
    This is the definition of a true loving strong mother that will protect her children no matter what the cost it,
  • My son said "the love of a mum is not of this world" and I completely whole heartily agree.
    We can't explain it. We will kill for them. We will die for them.
  • Those mothers were so brave! Let’s give a big thanks to the parents who love and care for us everyday! 👏🏻
  • That boy who was attacked by the cougar is gunna be a hell of a man when he grows up 🙏 and for all the super moms that aren’t seen or filmed we haven’t forget about you guys either 🙌
  • @titmoalg2519
    My mom saved me and my sister in Algeria, when it was the Civil War, terrorists were passing and jumping from yard to an other. She grabbed a knife and told my aunt to take us and get out from the kitchen door... Luckily they just was escaping.
    My mom is my hero ❤️