US deploys bombers in response to North Korea missile tests

Published 2022-11-20

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  • That's some beautiful aviation right there, those b1b bombers (the big ones) can carry up to 24 nukes and travel up to mach 1.25 nearly 1000 mph. The F35 and F16 fighters ensure that nothing gets close to them, By the time the formation is in North Korea's air space it would already be to late for them, no soviet era AA or mig's will be able to get close.
  • MixGame
    Praying that all Koreans, both North and South, can unite and live in peace.
  • Figure about 500+ drones per bomber, each drone capable of targeting 2 artillery units... then multiply the number of these active swarms by 100 for each 50km stretch of front along the DMZ.
  • O Mohammadi
    I like the way Sean bell casually dropped in "I only commanded 2000 troops"
  • Andrei Mogosan
    omitted in the short history part at the beginning was that before the north invaded, the south's US military administration organized elections for the leader of a united country. The elections were held just in the south and there were quite a few protests and rebellions protesting it (most notable being the Jeju uprising which saw 20k ~ people killed by the south). This was mainly the reason given by the north when they invaded, saying that the south actually wanted communism (wasn't true anyway). Just a short FYI, sorry for dragging it out, not being political just want some of the details to not be lost
  • Intelligent, well elaborated questions met with solid, and didactical answers. It’s not every day. Thanks.
  • mitchel272
    This guy is a legend. Talks the truth
  • Visassess
    Here we see in the comments that people doubting Sky News are ignorant of ICBMs. 3,700 miles is not out of the ordinary for any ICBM so thinking they got that information wrong is not true.
  • CrazySeanYT
    wtf .... did i just hear ... real? factual? unbiased news? ... that's crazy. love this guy.
  • ZenoWZ
    This is the stuff we know imagine what we don’t know 😳
  • buster edwards
    absolutely nothing will happen , this country has been trying to scare me with nuclear war since i was in school in the 70's
  • Thomas Sullivan
    Went up 3700 miles?...19,000,000 ft? Somehow I'm not too sure about that
  • John Hempstone
    A war between North Korea and America would be catastrophic. Most of the casualties wouldn't even be in mainland America but in South Korea where the north would rain thousands of missiles and artillery in heavily populated areas (some missiles containing biological weapons). In return, America would unleash 'fire and fury like the world has never seen', remember America has ben preparing for such an eventuality for decades, they've figured out and rehearsed every possible scenario. Luckily, the chances of an open conflict are very very low. Kim Jong Un is a rational thinker and not the unhinged gangsta the global media portrays him as; his nukes are purely for protecting his regime. In the coming years the world may have to accept the North as a nuclear power in return for....maybe some form of normalizing ties/limited unification with the South? Or more freedoms and rights for its largely impoverished population? Something of the sort. But for now, chances of a war between Washington and Pyongyang are very low. My thoughts
  • Pedro B
    The North-South Korean conflict, like the Israel-Palestine conflict, is a geopolitical chicken-and-egg problem. Who started what, who responded to what, etc. are ultimately irrelevant to solve the conflict.
  • Magnus Seeing Eye
    Lmao...when she said the general knows about "aerial drills" she was about to lose it.
  • Jan Isaksson
    So sad that Japan nor US ever try shooting the North Korean missiles down when the trajectory goes over Japan territory :(
  • jchendrix
    The distance between Korea and the USA is 6,563 miles so even if it did travel a distance of 3700 miles it still cannot reach the USA
  • Monkey Boy
    Never let anyone near a nuclear button who cannot control their bowel movements.
  • James Rauch
    F35s are so wicked! What a fleet of those could accomplish in Ukraine would be a game changer.
  • Hippocockamus
    US and South Korea could hit every inch of the north at a moments notice