Don’t Mess With These Grandpas

Published 2022-05-01
These grandpas are something else. Joe Mack Roy, known to family as Pop, is a feisty 85-year-old. His personality has gotten him almost four million Facebook followers. Another grandpa who has been doing Donald Duck impersonations for 70-plus years uses the voice to scare off telemarketers. In 2015, a grandpa from Illinois crossed crashing through a garage door off his bucket list. Inside Edition’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @DiaryOfaCell
    All jokes aside, never underestimate old people. Old man strength is a real thing.
  • Also with impending reality of their mortality, it gives a sense of freedom to the elderly. To say whatever is on their mind without fear.
  • Stealing an old man's bike. Talk about pathetic, cowardly LOSERS!!! Thumbs up to all these senior citizens standing up for what's right. We need more people like them.
  • “I look good every day. You just don’t notice.”
    😂😂 what a boss line. 🔥
  • @RoccosVideos
    Our society often forgets the elderly still have a lot to offer.
  • @SteeIBrigade
    Respect your elders. They made it through life without the internet.
  • @marleyboy7732
    Man! I miss my grandfathers. My mother & father's side. They were great. They could tell you some great stories & some of the funniest joke. Love them both.
  • @KA-eu9sy
    Love the grandson letting his grandpa take down the garage door.
  • The second one was incredible! The way he stretched out his leg to trip the suspect was smart! He could have gotten hurt, but he risked himself to get the bad guy down! 👍
  • @aufait-
    My Dad has been so mischievous his whole life. In his 80's, he lived with us and many times he'd walk around the property pulling two tanks strapped to a dolly. One tank was propane and the other was oxygen, and both had long hoses connected to them.

    He'd look for gopher mounds, and once he'd found one, he'd run those two hoses into the gopher hole as far as he could Then turn on those glasses at a mixture he developed. When he thought there was enough gas in there, he had a way of remotely igniting it and BLAM!!

    That winding gopher trail of dirt flew about six feet in the air and <poof!> No more gophers there!

    My Dad would laugh like hell every time he blew one up!
    Then he'd move onto the next gopher hole!

    I miss him terribly.
  • Our elders have so much wisdom to share to the younger generation. Listen up youngsters!
  • My grandma is a 5’6, 72 year old woman and she moves faster than me sometimes.
    Most Elderly folks don’t even act their age and this is some what a proof lol
  • @mtnlady4762
    I love the elderly, listen to the sages, and leaned so much from their experiences in life. Joe, he’s a character! Never underestimate the power of the elderly! 💜
  • @jamesp2408
    That last guy gives me hope for being elderly, seems very lucid and healthy for someone 80+
  • @Everly.F
    This is the reason why I love grandpas
  • Reminds me of my grandfather…the greatest generation…now I’m a grand parent myself and fully appreciate who he was and his profound impact on me.
  • @ayea28
    They played that baby clip in the beginning 6 fricking times. Jesus.
  • @jcsetups
    Well done to these grandpas! Never discriminate elderly! ❤