People Who Used Everyday Objects to Fight Off Bad Guys

Published 2023-01-30

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    As someone who is sick of thief getting away every time, this put a smile on my face
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    Damn the first girl is so brave. I would have literally developed PTSD and trauma and just cried for 3 years. Damn. She could have been kidnapped. Damn.
  • Tim Spencer
    about 14 years ago, my 55-year-old uncle was carjacked. he was a busy architect and was driving home from a construction site. while stopped at a traffic light, some guy went up to the window and made him open the door. since the guy had a gun(which later turned out be be a BB gun that looked very realistic), my uncle opened the door. just as he was getting out, he started urinating in his pants. the carjacker saw that and gave up. my uncle said he was holding it because he was only a few minutes away from home, but he really needed to go... so he figured that by peeing all over himself and the driver's seat, it would scare away the carjacker.... and it worked! he did have to have the car detailed and steam-cleaned... but at least he was safe and he didn't have to lose his car. unfortunately, the carjacker found another victim just a couple of block away, but he was caught a week later. my uncle identified him and even had to testify in court.
  • Nome
    It takes a special kind of animal to attack such an elderly woman, her face was horrible!! The poor lady, glad she got the donations
  • Imagine2019
    You can’t even bring gumbo to your friends these days without someone messing with you.
  • Chalino Rosalino
    It shouldn't be a funny situation but I'm cracking up with the last guy and the gumbo 😆😆🤣🤣
  • Evil Sharkey
    There was a woman working at a gas station who stopped a would-be robber by throwing her freshly poured hot coffee on him.
  • Rhonda Lee
    That was pretty dam good! Lol! I laughed at that man climbing on his car. He got his car back though!! Lol! I've gotten away from attackers in the past quite a few times. I just kept punching and kicking till I got up. My clothes got ripped off but I was alive!! Thank you for this. It helped to remember to never go back to a man who beats you and says he wants to kill you with every punch!! "Never going back!" That's my mantra and motto!!
  • YouDontKnowMe
    Lmao, the man with the gumbo 🤌🤌😂 when people think it's okay to rob you but you're twice as crazy 💀 (I would have done the SAME bro)
  • Aries GosserOW
    I saw a documentary when I was a kid about this guy, I think he had a Scottish name but I'm not sure, you wouldn't believe what he could do with a stick of gum, a paper clip, and a rubber band.
    I heard that later in life he joined the Air Force and worked on some super classified stuff in Colorado.
  • Lee Showron
    With the last one. That’s why you always turn off your car, and take keys with you, and lock the car. Even though it isn’t far you never know what might happen.
  • Shan
    It shouldn't be a funny situation but I'm cracking up at the guy with the gumbo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Lynn James
    If these thieves wanted to hurt someone they very well could have. It was a bluff to get away with the goods. Not every person stealing has it in them to harm someone. 💔😢🙏
  • Jose Ramos
    React, that's all it takes. Even a pencil can be deadly, whatever it takes to defend yourself.
  • Mell F
    Lately justice has been swift. These criminals better get it together.