14-Year-Old Sentenced to Life for Murdering Teen Cheerleader

Published 2023-03-24
Tristyn Bailey went missing on Mother's Day two years ago in Jacksonville, Florida. Surveillance video shows the 13-year-old walking with her 14-year-old classmate, Aiden Fucci. Bailey's body was discovered in a secluded wooded area with 114 stab wounds. Fucci pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. At his sentencing hearing, Bailey's sister dropped 114 stones into a jar to represent the number of times the teen was stabbed. Fucci has been sentenced to life in prison.

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  • E4Fallen
    114 stab wounds?! WOW my heart goes out to her family ❤️ RIP Tristyn!
  • Daniela Rivera
    As a 7th grader I can confirm that this act of violence wasn’t a misunderstanding he knew it exactly what he was doing and the fact that he kept making fun of the situation on social media is absolutely horrific. My heart goes out to the victim’s family. God bless them
  • DipperBronyPines
    Stabbed 114 times?! That’s unreal! My heart goes out to Tristyn and may she rest easy💙 As for the suspect who slain her, may he be filled with regret for what he did.
  • Panda_Cute
    I remember when his and his friends instagram pages were still up. His friends posted things like “free him” and joking about her death. It’s obvious they feel no remorse for what they have done and given the opportunity they would do it again. I’m so happy he’s off the streets and she got her justice. RIP Tristyn.
  • 114 stab wounds!? Seriously!? This is just absolutely horrifying and disgusting, no child should have their life taken away, she was only 14 years old, she had her whole life in front of her, what a beautiful girl, this breaks my heart. Prayers go out to her grieving family 💔 RIP Tristyn, you will always be in our hearts 💕
  • Bla BlaBla
    Stabbing someone 114 times and showing no regret at 14 really shows how evil some people can be. Its truly horrifying at what a young age a human can be formed to such an extent to do such thing.
  • Furran
    This why I tell people that there's a difference between Children biologically and Teenagers biologically. A big difference. A teenager can know very well what they're doing and therefore be irrefutably guilty of said crime. This is a good example here. A sentence given that's well deserved for him.
  • The Marley
    I remember this! I was hoping his mom was charged too. She obviously knew what happened and helped hide evidence. The video of her running around their house helping wash his clothes and stuff was sickening. I know you never stop being a parent, but how can you sleep at night knowing your son, a psychopath, was under your roof?
  • R. Jelly
    It's about time that the law actually worked! RIP Tristyn. Prayers for this family who I know is still going through horrible grief.
  • The Ghost
    Aiden's parents were not even worried about what he did to Tristyn they just were worried about him getting caught. That's how you know all crimes start with the family
  • Himank Kr
    Anyone who has been through the school system knows how truly evil and despicable some teenagers can be.
  • DaddyWarBucks
    13 years old. Such a brief life. What a tragedy!! I have a 13 year old daughter and I couldn't imagine going through what this family is going through. My condolences to the family.
  • Toogie
    His parents only concern was his social media post and not that he murdered!!!🤯
  • Tommy Brown
    That girl was loved very much by so many, especially her family. It's such a horrible thing to know that your loved one suffered immensely and then murdered
  • aisxha
    114 stab wounds and 49 were defensive. She was fighting for her life. May you rest in peace Tristyn.
  • 2Jayplaya
    I’m just speechless my prayers go out to this young soul & her family!!🙏🏽
  • Gru
    114!? That’s demonic. Something is seriously messed up with him. I’m so sorry for her and her family ❤️ rip 🕊️
  • Beulah Lioncruz
    I saw this 2 years ago, when her family was still trying to get justice for her. I'm so glad he's finally gotten what he deserved.
  • PranavVK4128
    how do you even manage to stab someone 114 times? why does someone even want to stab that many times for a non-personal reason?
  • angel91485
    I remember what I did when I was 14, even 12 or 13...yes he knew what he was doing...he deserved what he got, glad he wasn't treated as a minor.