Published 2023-11-20

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  • @kirsten7770
    Sunwoo's "Hi hello my name is what you want it to" instantly iconic ✨️OBSESSED✨️
  • @annakholo8181
    I'm not a fan of The Boyz but this song is genius. Stream with you guys!!!
  • @danniea487
    New to The BOYZ I can’t believe I just discovered them 😭😭😭 I’m obsessed
  • i'm not a fan of the boyz but this song is making me feel things .... will def be adding to some of my playlists!
  • @lisawriter21
    We’re steadily going up now! We need everyone to come back to this now!
  • "Hi hello. My name is what you want it do." THIS PART OF SUNWOO IS CRAZY, GOOD AND ADDICTIVE! HE HAS GREAT VOCALS
  • i would say this is the best release ever in 2023 among 4th gen boy group. This music sounded very fresh and unique. They should make a songs like this. The instrumental was so smooth and the song is very easy listening. People should know the existence of this song coz its really really good
  • @lisawriter21
    Congratulations on over 600K sales, THE BOYZ and Deobis!
  • @lifeofastay
    I have watched this video like over 30x since it was released. I have never been so enamored or mesmerized with a Kpop video like I am with this video! This is hands down the best video released this comeback and probably this year. And omg the song is hauntingly beautiful!!!! I can't express how much I love it and I love this comeback and I love the Boyz!!! A proud baby B! ❤❤❤❤😮😮😮😮
  • @soberwordz
    Been really feeling the boyz lately. I'm not a full stan... yet but fuck I might be now! I'm addicted to this! ❤
  • It's been 6 years since The Boyz debuted, their concept is always interesting and developing
  • @lisawriter21
    We can get 42M today! Let’s go! Keep coming back, this is so much fun to watch!
  • @izzatihmdi
    sunwoo from "they call me little bad bad bad" - "don't call me like that" - "hi hello my name is what u want it to" his iconic lines.
  • Phantasy part 2 sixth sense has dethroned thrill-ing album as the highest album sales in just 1 week. Congratulations the boyz!!
  • С каждым днем эта песня становится все хитовее и хитовее для меня. Я уже пристрстилась к ней! Надеюсь она получит много любви и внимания!!!
  • @TTT-rg6xy
    wow i been a casual listener of the boyz for a few years but after this comeback i think i am becoming a deobi. this has become my second favorite the boyz song of all time! (haha nothing can beat no air to me. ps, why is it so underrated?) the boyz fighting!!
  • @naowand

    0:00: Remy (The White Cat)
    0:07: Juyeon (Dancer, Visual)
    0:14: Younghoon (Visual, Vocal)
    0:18: Hyunjae (Vocal, Visual)
    0:28: Q/ Changmin (Dancer, Vocal)
    0:33: Kevin (Vocal)
    0:39: Jacob (Vocal)
    0:47: Sangyeon (Vocal, Leader)
    0:52: New/ Chanhee (Vocal)
    0:57: Haknyeon (Vocal)
    1:07: Sunwoo (Rapper)
    1:21: Eric (Rapper, Maknae)

  • @ex-atom-st
    the boyz becoming more popular with each comeback. THEB Let's Go