These Are the Most Insane Homes We've Ever Seen

Published 2020-01-14
Inside Edition has seen its share of odd homes and houses. We found a lakeside home in upstate New York that was completely encased in ice. And near San Francisco, we reported on a modern Stone Age home, decorated inside and out in Flintstones decor. Further south, Jim Moret spoke to a homeowner who’d painted bright yellow emojis on the side of her house, much to the dismay of her Manhattan Beach neighbors. #InsideEdition

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  • @lanibear2019
    The annoying part about the Flintstones house is that it’s been there for years and it has never been a problem before hand. Once it got a new paint job suddenly everybody was up in arms about it. Let her live her life! One of my favorite parts of driving past there every other day.
  • @kzendo6542
    She’s definitely not a Karen for painting her house. That’s something I would do to get back at someone who got me fined. I love how she acted in the cameras like she just wanted to paint her house to make the neighbors happy 😂
  • @ilove_sammy
    What’s so bad about having a house that looks different?!? The Flintstone house looks amazing.
  • @champy8074
    I live so close to the flinstones house!! I drive by it a lot and it’s so cool!! I can’t believe the town of Hillsborough thinks it’s an eyesore. Nothing can be unique nowadays.
  • @sweetteas2467
    Imagine if the house just fell in the river and they never found it again
    I live 10 mins away from the flintstone house. It's really nice. Hillsborough is being ridiculous with there drama about a permit 🙄 and it being a eye sore. Hope the owners keep it that way forever
  • I remember driving to the beach and just passing the pink house with emojis and I always found it unique. It stood out to me the most out of the whole neighborhood. I don't see how it will bother someone. Your living in your own house my dude.
  • @essence_rz4970
    5:34 is noone gonna talk about how that guy spraypainted that circle so perfectly? Its honestly very satisfying
  • Tbh house bus will be a serious failure when the children will become teens.
  • @riarealness2990
    The emoji house looks amazing and the Flintstones house is beyond beautiful and it sucks that some neighborhoods won’t allow you to design your house or land into whatever you want it to be. What’s the use of owning a house if you can’t make it the way you want to.
  • @henryhouder2665
    Imagine when the kids grow up and want to have friends over
  • @nathaann6424
    Wow a house that was painted with emojis on it, what’s so “insane” about that?
  • @midgie4410
    I would LOVE to see the update on the mansion after it was remodeled. Also,I like the idea of a neat freak house!
  • @Ninjakitkat1
    He says "That everyone's gonna have to look at all the time" like it's a bad thing. I don't know a single person who wouldn't think that the Flintstones house is incredibly cool!
  • The house that was moved is actually amazing! And the view from it now is so nice too!! I would like to see an update on how everything turned out with it.
  • The last One doesn’t seem insane, it’s just someone who’s very organized and what a lot of people want and need to be
  • @crystaltheo8494
    6 people in a bus??? They will be older in no time, and hate the small space they have.
  • @cal4720
    The emoji house is genuinely the best payback I've ever seen.