These Stories Will Have You Nervous in Kitchens

Published 2022-05-28
These are some memorable kitchen-related disasters. In 2021, Jay Blume was at his dining room table when a car slammed into his house. Jay remained as cool as a cucumber, and his reaction went viral. In 2018, a case of soda caught fire and exploded. And the incident was started by a dog. In 2018, a hungry bear broke into a California kitchen to grab a bag of M&M’s. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @averagedan4
    The difference in reaction between the guy who had a car crash into his house compared to the lady with the grease fire is hilarious
  • That guy took it like a champ when someone crashed into his house.
  • @hoho210
    Imagine breaking in someone's house for just a bag of m&m's
  • @whos_hmz34
    He was so chill when the car crashed in his house lol
  • My Indian cousin, who still lived in India at the time had a nasty shock. He was preparing a meal in the kitchen, when he heard hissing. Thinking it was their grumpy cat, he told the cat to shutup. Next thing, his Dad came in with an axe, chopping the head off the cobra, which was hooded, hissing at my cousin & ready to strike! If it wasn't for his Dad, he wouldn't be here to tell the tale today!
  • Imagine just waking up to see something broke through your window and stole your m&m’s 💔
  • @faded4518
    I love how the woman stared at the fire for some seconds and start paincing
  • Seeing the pups being trapped in the burning houses makes my heart drop. I'm glad they're all safe.

    Please (!) secure any fire source out of reach of your pets at all times!
  • As a 8 year old kid I was frying sweet potatoes with my friend at her house, we harvested from our backyard alone.I turn on the stove poured oil in the pan and fried the first batch. Everything was smooth until the second batch. I’ve soaked the potatoes in salt water so as I was putting it into the hot oil and it caught on fire.We were flabbergasted cause we haven’t anything like that before cause I’ve been cooking a lot. It was really high. I off the stove it settled down within a few seconds. We looked at each other in shocked cause we taught we almost burned her house. We still ate the potatoes 😅😅😅. It was very nice we wanted to fry the next batch but what we experienced that night stopped us from frying it.
  • @007NowOnline
    Reporter: "What should we do to put out an oil fire?"
    Firefighter: "The worst thing you can do is throw some water on it".
    * hands her cup*
    .."Here throw some water on it".
  • @Boppo_Jr
    Lmao the twitch steamer that had no idea how to cook was the funniest. Its so funny hearing her give us fire tips.
  • My mother ended up in the hospital because of an oil fire. The grease exploded all over her and she caught to flames. She made it out with serious bad 3 degree burns and yea.
  • I felt bad for the old guy but the way he was so cool and gangsta about the car crashing into his house 😭😭❤️
  • @einienj3281
    As a chef, I'd be shocked to find an alligator in the kitchen, especially since we don't have them in Finland, but the rest of these? Not so much.. Kitchen is a place where anything can happen 😄🔪
  • Why should anyone not be nervous around kitchens? Everything around it must be handled with care. Why?
    - A fire might break out. 😱
    - There might be a leaky gas. 😨
    - Glass plates/cups can break into sharp pieces. 😰
    - You can slip on the kitchen floor tiles.😢
    - Kitchen tools like knives and forks can physically harm you. 😫
    - Kitchen doors can be an easy entry for theives. 😬

    So yeah take care of your kitchen always 👍
  • I can attest to the fact that when your oven catches on fire, ALL simple logic goes flying out of your brain 😂 The pure panic is insane IF you've NEVER experienced that situation before!!
  • @am3yena
    i love how the dogs start a litteral fire and act so cool about it
  • @snailmail6831
    For grease fires use a class B or D extinguisher. Class A is for wood and paper like products and so it is water based. Class C is for electrical fires. Class D can be used on all fire types (as per my schooling)
  • @sarawhite8612
    My ex's sister started a grease fire trying to make popcorn. I walked in the kitchen right as the oil caught fire. She grabbed a pot in the sink that was soaking and filled with water to throw on the grease fire ... I screamed at her to stop and lunged for the lid of the pot and covered the fire and turning off the element. Everyone thought I was over reacting and being dramatic about it all. then that week Mythbusters did the episode on grease fires and they all got why I responded that way.