This Place Rules | Official Trailer | HBO

Published 2022-12-08
"You ever feel like you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole, man?” From journalist Andrew Callaghan, This Place Rules premieres December 30 on HBO Max.

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All Comments (21)
  • Seeing Andrew get an opportunity to do a documentary on a platform like this makes me feel like a proud father 🥲
  • TimeBucks
    So proud of Andrew. Can't wait to see this.
  • Travis Moore
    Andrew Callahan is an absolute legend. It's been wonderful watching him grow and get a platform like HBO. He has definitely worked hard to get here and it feels well deserved.
  • chase weston
    Hats off to the Channel 5 crew. They're making some of the best content on the internet and im so happy HBO is making a documentary with them.
  • tonar wodi
    Andrew and the whole Channel 5 team are doing something different out there, proud of 'em
  • CapnCant
    "we were pitted against each other, by organizations and individuals who do not care about us. And our enriched by our division."

    Wonderfully put. And in my opinion the most important understanding a person can come to regarding all of these conflicts.
  • Andrew is an absolute masterclass in what he does. I hope for once he finally got a BAG for his work here. Dude deserves every penny.

    1/2023 Edit: Well then
  • Jake Seiden
    I've watched Andrew for a while now and I'm so happy he's getting exposure on a mainstream platform like HBO. This really got me fired up. Can't wait!
  • Furthericity
    Andrew has come a long way. So happy and proud of him
  • L S
    Andrew is the man! Followed him since the early days of All Gas No Brakes and I am so glad he gained more and more of the recognition he deserves. Get him a Pulitzer already, because this is how journalism actually should be done...
  • Sam Pelletier
    Hope Andrew was given enough creative control of this project. I feel like a proud father seeing him succeed like this.
  • Hamish Smith
    Can't wait for this, so happy for Andrew and his crew. They're fantastic at remaining objective.
  • Orange
    Andrew, A lot of us have seen your journey over the years. To having your own original movie is crazy. Proud of you
  • Jack Sanders
    Just saw the Channel 5 live show in ATL the other night, got to see some scenes from this documentary. Its going to be AMAZING. Well done Andrew and the Channel 5 team
  • Ames
    Im so excited to see this and see how Andrew brings humanity to all sides of every subject - its what journalism needs, just like he said, instead constantly pitting us all against each other for a profit that we the people never see.
  • Noah T
    This looks excellent! Way to go Andrew! 💙
  • Tom Mc
    No one deserves this opportunity more than Andrew Callaghan.
  • T.A
    so glad HBO picked up Andrew .