400 MPH Bowling Ball to the Dome with @howridiculous - The Slow Mo Guys

Published 2023-11-16
Gav and Dan go to Montana to meet up with Brett and Scott from @howridiculous. A collaboration 12 years in the making between 4 people who don't live in Montana!
Check out their video here -    • How Many Trampolines Stop A 540mph Bo...  
Give this one a miss if you're slightly squeamish.
Massive shoutout to @BealsScience for the cannon work.
Filmed at 82,000FPS
400 MPH Bowling Ball with How Ridiculous - The Slow Mo Guys

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  • @howridiculous
    Great to hang with you lads, so much fun. Let’s go again in 2024!
  • @GalacticGroovin
    It really puts into perspective of what canons through history did to people. It’s awesome and terrifying all at once.
  • @Taitou25
    Gav, that editing for the repeat impacts w/ the speed dropping rapidly at 9:10 was SO GOOD.
  • @treyspurge
    Love the fact that we’re all so old that Gavin Free is going gray.
  • @kuzter1737
    I am just really happy that the slo mo guys are still pulling big numbers!
  • @JFlatby
    A decade later and Gav and Dan are still out here making "various explosions" lol
  • @dogcarman
    Now imagine being on a battlefield during the Napoleonic wars and having whole batteries of cannons firing high speed iron balls at you as you walk forward. This was a very good demonstration of why cannons make a mess of infantry formations.
  • @user-ex2yr3ng5b
    Hope you guys enjoyed your time here in Montana!. That was somehow considerably more brutal than I thought it would be.
  • @Dusty2455433
    Frame by frame at 4:23 you can see a flash when the bowling ball impacts the head!! I love that phenomenon
  • @mikelombard21
    The banter between the boys has been great every video with you all colabing. Love these cross over vids. Hope for many more.
  • @jdjr3640
    This is an an entertaining but also interesting look into canon physics.
    Makes you really appreciate soldiers that actually went up against canons,
    considering it could shred half a dozen men in formation instantly.
  • @cyc0punk
    Lets just appreciate how over the years, Dan has gotten in better shape. Seriously good job
  • @johnoconnor4941
    There's Brett's knowledge of the human body, Gavs tech precision and Dan's explosive expertise. And Scott.
  • @ColoradoPhubb02
    Would absolutely love to see some behind the scenes footage of this collab.
  • @chazgames3690
    Watching these bowling ball videos on both channels, it’s terrifying to imagine how much damage this would do to someone 😅
  • @lorenzosegote
    The four of you should do ALL of your videos together. Brilliant and hillarity all around.
  • @FranklyiDrum
    “Okay so hear me out, two Aussies and two Brits walk into a massive open field with a bowling ball canon” 😂
  • @NotReverseFlash
    This is exactly the kind of gore I'd imagine in an early Peter Jackson-type splatter film. Also, 10/10 love this collab, I've low key been wanting to see y'all do something together and this was fantastic
  • Forget who has the most followers, collab with ballistic high speed!
  • @mycommentpwnz
    Slo-mo guys have such good senses of humor. 10/10 wit.