Security Guard Defends Hotel Clerk Who Was Attacked by Man

Published 2023-01-11

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  • @seanthe100
    As a former Marine, this is embarrassing, but he'll definitely be made an example of in front of his unit.
  • @listerinr
    Finally a security guard that does something.
  • The fact that a Marine got his ass 1000% handed to him by a hotel security guard over a hotel reservation is hilarious. It’s a shame how many people act like this after joining the military thinking they’re above everyone. To all the military vets and soldiers who respect everyone around them I applaud y’all. Keep doing the best work you can and protecting us to your fullest.
  • @AustinThinker79
    As a former Marine, this is extremely embarrassing. Besides these poor women, I feel sorry for his command having to deal with him.
  • @johnmack6995
    now she is the definition of a woman she knew she was at disadvantage and used her head and stay calm. You go girl!
  • @bryannag.
    that’s right girl you defended yourself i’m happy you’re okay and thank you for helping another women in this situation
  • @Katz1123
    Not only did he provoke her but also striked first to both women. Over a reservation? How embarassing.
  • @aqueous5099
    This “man”-child revealed how he would assert his will on his partners and family. I do believe in people’s ability to change, but that is a ticking time bomb. I hope no “I can fix him” type chick crosses his path. He needs to be held accountable for his behavior and vile conduct.
  • He looks high af. So proud of the security guard. She held herself together and showed her strength, saving both women from more harm. Nothing but love for her and the employee.
  • As a former Woman Marine, this is unbecoming of a Marine. You did a fantastic job of defending yourself and the other woman. Way to go!!!
  • @Briiana__
    He's a disgrace to the fellow Marines we have. How dare him. I'm so happy this was taped she was so calm and she handled it how it needed to be!
  • @MrLong-mb3pk
    Ironically she used a lamp to turn his lights out.
  • @NaTasha-yp2bg
    Wow, my husband is a former marine and saw this video and he said this guy should be ashamed and embarrassed for his actions. Should have kept his hands to himself. Just because you're in the service doesn't mean you're tougher than everyone, even this security guard is shorter than him and she took him down. He should be dishonorably discharge for this.
  • Drinking alcohol isn’t an excuse for embarrassing behavior no less than it for committing a murder. You have to face the consequences of one’s actions in situations like these and there is no harsher consequence or punishment than that of embarrassment you receive knowing your peers, superiors, family and friends see you in a much different light now. The guy will remember this for a very long time.
  • She deserves a raise. At least afford her the tools to defend herself and the hotel staff/guests, like mace or a police grade baton at the bare minimum.
  • @timmysdad9009
    His name is Jason Frink. He’s currently stationed at Camp Pendleton. Graduated H.S. 2017 from Arlington, NE AND he's a Sergent. Deleted all his socials within 45 minutes of himself being exposed.
  • @naz699
    But the fact he said "I know where you're from" to the black female is disrespectful before putting his hands up as if he's fighting a man. Disgusting behavior!
  • The boy's mother must be so proud of him.😮‍💨 Glad the security guard was able to protect herself and her coworker.