Atatiana Jefferson's Young Nephew Testifies in Murder Trial

Published 2022-12-06

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  • john aguilar
    truly the cops fault, he didnt announce he was a cop he acted as if he was snooping around like a criminal. i hope the boy recovers from this yet i highly doubt it.
  • T
    I bet the neighbor feels so bad. He had good intentions but at what cost? Someone’s life. And see how they tried to twist the boys story up & make it seem like he said something else? Just evil. I’m usually on the cops side but this time, he really messed up. He should’ve announced himself at the front door because this is a situation anyone of us could find ourselves in. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard something strange around my house and grabbed my husbands gun just in case. You can never be too cautious these days.
    That literally could’ve been me. So sad. RIP.
  • Haley Hoag
    I rolled my eyes when the defense attorney tried to get the kid to change the story on how the Aunt held the gun. Like seriously dude I know it's your job but you're grasping at straws there
  • Christian Manka
    That cop should spend life in prison. He not only murdered a woman but undoubtedly traumatized that boy. He’s incredibly brave to be on the stand like that.
  • Gail Black
    How can a person comply in 4 seconds? Once again failure to follow proper procedure cost another American their life! Cop should have went to front door announced himself.
  • George Campbell
    It’s absolutely sickening how the defense was trying to say he was lying about how his aunt was holding the gun… bless bro heart
  • Bethany O'Neal
    I cannot imagine what this poor kid went through. I have so much empathy for the neighbor too. He shouldn’t feel bad, he did the right thing because he was concerned for his neighbor’s well being.
  • A Florida Son
    Why didn't he knock on the front door? Why not say he was a cop? There's probably a lot of other questions that cop needs to answer.
  • Hayes Caruana
    The man who called the cops must feel horrible! He just wanted to make sure his neighbor was safe and she ended up being killed. Tragic for everyone involved!
  • Lynne
    I want to hug him, no kid should be in court like this 💔
  • Someone
    The way the defense attorney tried to make him slip up just shows how crooked and messed up people can be.
  • Nae Wa
    Even if she was pointing a gun at him, he did not even give her a second to put it down.
  • redsus
    That cop shot and killed an innocent woman who was handling a firearm in self-defense. Atatiana can hopefully rest in peace knowing her killer is behind bars for the rest of his life.
  • Emma Mchugh
    This death could’ve been avoided, had the cop explained his presence. That poor little boy had to go to court to testify for Justice for his Aunt instead of living his life as an 11 year old. This is upsetting and the cop needs to face the consequences of his arrogance and lack of responsibility. My heart goes out to that brave boy and his family ❤
  • Dave Brown
    This kid should have never had to see that . This breaks my heart for this kid
  • Bodhi Swayze
    What an incredibly brave and mature little guy. His family must be so proud especially his aunt. She's definitely smiling down at him ❤️
  • The Dude Abides
    My Condolences go out to Zion and his family for their sudden and tragic loss.
  • horseygurl143
    This young man was appropriately respectful, a tribute to his upbringing.
  • madshacks
    not them trying to persuade the nephew to say something else...gosh this is terrible. I hope he is getting the help he needs and his aunt gets justice.
  • LaNomsa
    Justice for Atatiana Jefferson ♥️ My heart breaks for her family, especially her nephew 😢