2022’s Wildest Animal Moments Caught on Camera

Published 2022-12-30
2022 was a wild year for animals, especially for dogs. A New York City service dog hopped in the Hudson River and doggie paddled all the way to New Jersey after he ran 30 city blocks. 2022 also marked the final act for Hollywood's famous mountain lion P-22. The wild cat became a beloved fixture in the Hollywood Hills until he wandered into residential neighborhoods, attacking several dogs. Animal control officials finally caught up with P-22 and sadly put him down.

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  • @flabiger
    Ah yes, an emotional support gator. Why didn't you say that sooner. Now that I know that I feel so much better letting it wander around my ankles.
  • @Adrian-zd4cs
    That man was that scared of a squirrel 😳😆
  • @BrandByAngel
    I thought that Hollywood cougar or lion or whatever was tranquilized and moved. I mean for sure that shot they showed here was of it tranquilized.

    Last I heard (pretty sure from this YouTube channel) was they were deciding to move him to a sanctuary or release him elsewhere.
  • @a50ftfall6
    Rip P22
    Really shouldn't have pushed his luck.
  • @SashaGS
    The man in the first video literally screeching because of a squirrel 🐿️😭😂🔥🔥🔥👏🏿
  • @Ego-Fiend
    I hate the fact that they put down the mountain lion...
  • @dess9849
    Wally is smart, Wally is waiting for the right time...
  • @007NowOnline
    Remind me of my emotional support T-REX. 😢 R.I.P Mr. Chompers.
  • @robertmartin3490
    Can't forget that Ring doorbell footage of a moose taking off its antlers.
  • @sideboob6851
    Now I will see how people react around my emotional support Honey Badger.