I Survived 100 Days as a ROCK in Minecraft

Published 2023-11-18
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►Episode - I Survived 100 Days as a ROCK in Minecraft


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All Comments (21)
  • Okay, I did look over the other comments and haven't found anyone mentioning it, but the desert temple, where the sand is, indicates a hidden room. If you dig out the top layer of sand, you will find more sand that is basically filling a five block high little room, and any of the sand there has a chance to be suspicious sand. If you dig out all the sand there, after brushing each sand, you get like a stack to a stack and a half of sand.

    Edit: You also can just use three bricks(smelted clay) in replacement of the other sherds. The placement of the sherd in the crafting recipe dictates which side the image is on the pot.

    Another Edit: Spore blossoms don't need anything to get. Just a hand.
  • honestly the flight nerf seems like a step in the right direction I think, its just not fun for the hunters at all near the end, though I understand its not about them but it should still be somewhat balanced so that they also have fun even if they aren't quite as strong
  • @redghost433
    You know what I’d like to see, a team up with RyGuy and Unicorn.
  • @owenwilson4342
    I don't think I've ever seen Ryguy start out as something that small. 🤩
  • @aprostana8361
    What I personally think about the first base is if your one block tall take that fact into consideration and make a one block tall base.. it'll be hidden compact as hard to get to
  • @GamingTact
    this videos are always so much fun to watch thank you for all the hours of entertainment u have provided dude
  • @DrBreakNeck
    A way to get saddles is from Ravagers, though a bit challenging, it’s always a guaranteed drop from them, and a raid is always quite fun
  • @showisover5249
    Ocean explorer maps are available on the second cartographer level, they are not available at the same villager level as the woodland explorer map, meaning you don't have to trade quite as much
  • 27:20 Finding saddles in Desert Temples, Abandoned Mineshafts, Spawner chests, Nether Fortresses and Bastions I believe. VERY often they don't spawn in normal villages, not sure if they even DO spawn there :p
  • Usually breaking gilded blackstone will drop, but rarely will drop golden nuggets.
    props to the editor for using the ARK Rock Elemental for one ;)
  • tip for the echo shards if you don't like doing it so much then just do it first so it's already done, and dealt with?
  • Mineshafts are the best place to find saddles, they are relatively common, have the most chests, and thus the best chance, second bets would be spawners due to the fact they show up in every biome, 3rd best would be desert temples
  • As soon as he is done with one combat quest he should immediately start another one, so the kills He gets with new ability can count if that’s what it needs
  • @Saint0Iggy
    Does RyGuy not notice that the Ocean Explorer map does not require trading glass panes? Its available at trade level 2 not three.

    I dont know why but it always bothers me when he misses that simple detail.
    Hot diggity! That was a wild ride from start to finish! Can't believe they managed to find your base and took out Barnaby Bumblefoot! Brutal! Looking forward to see you return the favor and extract sweet, sweet revenge like the rockstar you are! The new Rock Wave ability looks wicked cool. Keep on rocking, mate! Cheers to more thrilling adventures in the land of pixels. 🤘🔥🎮
  • The three best places for Saddles is a Mineshaft, Sand Temple and a Zombie/Skeleton dungeon. Those are the main one's that make it easier to get rare items.
  • I find it funny how ryguy still doesn't know that for an ocean monument map he doesn't need the glass panes as you need a stage 2 cartographer
  • @BottedOperators
    Your content has seriously inspired me to make my own! Thank you dude, your stuff is amazing. ill be up there someday lol
  • @Raider20128
    "now we can turn into a rock!" Turns into Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson