Tourists and Their Terrifying Brushes With Danger

Published 2022-07-10
These tourists had terrifying brushes with danger while on vacation. In 2018, a man on a safari in Tanzania was shocked when a cheetah jumped into his jeep. In 2019, Kristen Yaldor was lucky to be alive after being attacked by an angry hippo. In 2018, a couple scouting destination wedding locations in Mexico were held at gunpoint and kidnapped. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @xose2863
    Tourists driving by themselves in unfamiliar places in Mexico is a no-no. Mistaken identity is your enemy.
  • @KatsyFNF
    The bird watchers' story was really interesting. I'm extremely surprised they didn't die, if anything, they were saved by people. This is a story nobody can forget.
  • I am Mexican, and I was born there but I reside in the USA, tourists need to realize that you have to do research on the country you want to visit and to remember that every city has a shady part of town, not just in Mexico but here in the USA too. Also, one last thing, I have never crossed by land because it is wayyyy too dangerous, I always recommend to travel by plane.
  • @foxarror
    the birdwatcher story was so scary but DEFINITELY had the best outcome. i’m glad they weren’t hurt
  • The fact that she had the courage to fight off a grown man to prevent him from sexually assaulting her. And that she didn’t rely on her husband to do something shows a lot about that woman. She’s tough, she was fighting him for a gun, when he easily could have shot her
  • @bri_rand0m567
    That was so sweet that the guy who was in the ambulance singing happy birthday that is just so wholesome
  • I feel terrible for them all but the story of the 72 year old women broke my heart. Who would trip a little lady like her?! She seems so sweet.
  • @brittp7222
    I felt for the couple that got kidnapped in Mexico, and were badly beaten and how she was nearly sexually assaulted, happy she was able to fight them off. What a miracle they got away! Thank God! Hoping they have a beautiful life together💖
  • Oh that elderly woman. That's horrible.. All the experiences were horrible.. I'm glad none lost their lives
  • @AWlpsSHOW36
    I loved the paramedic singing the Birthday song to that woman. That was so sweet and kind.
    Despite this horrible accident happening on her birthday, he acknowledged to make her feel better.
  • @yoshiz9480
    This is terrifying, i'm very glad they're all ok
  • The paramedic singing Happy birthday to you to the injured lady was so wholesome ❤️
  • @Ramirez22Omar
    I’m Mexican, born in Mexico but raised in Texas. Let me tell you, never ever drive in Mexico if you don’t have protection. By protection I mean family and friends. Guns will help but the cartels go in groups. And they go after people who drive by themselves. My family in Mexico, when they go anywhere, they get together and decide when to go to the store or airport. N they go in groups of 10, it sucks but that is the life over there
  • That last story made my blood pressure rise. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you Miss ❤️
  • That last woman - how heartbreaking. She didn't deserve that! 😔
  • @jamie1892
    In the earlyn80’s my dads best friend went down to Mexico and no one has seen him since. Either he dead or in being held prisoner (unlikely). He was a straight and narrow guy, never did drugs, social drinker. His family searched for years before accepting they would never see him again. It’s a scary world we live in. Be safe out there
  • @gothiccmoon
    That medic singing to her tho🥺 that was the sweetest ever.
  • @Jkidkyeto_o
    I remember driving from U.S to Mexico. My dad had money on him ready to be stopped by guys who claim to be cops. Sure enough I remember being stopped by guys on the road with guns. My dad told us to hide. And the “cops” threatened us for money. He gave them the money and we kept going. I have Relatives who live in Mexico but I’m never going back to visit them. Mexico is just too sketch. So many things you have to be careful with especially if you’re from the states.
  • @livvyb3583
    Wow! Don’t ever drive through Mexico! Glad everyone was ok.
  • @DayquanDamas
    This is why you do research before going anywhere. Loads of places In Mexico we were escorted by policemen. A lot of these things could've been avoided but people forget that not everywhere is the US. Been traveling myself for about 6 months in Latin America without incident because I did my research and been a smart tourist. Just because you CAN drive doesn't mean you should in a lot of these countries. Bus it or fly.