These Flights Were all Nightmares

Published 2022-11-21
These are some scary travel nightmares. In 2018, passengers endured an eight-hour flight with a screaming and unruly 3-year-old child. On a shaky flight in 2017, passengers grew even more panicked when the pilot reportedly asked them to pray when an engine failed. In 2019, an airline passenger fell asleep during a flight and woke up alone on a cold locked plane. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @jayczzzya
    I heard that kid scream for 2 seconds and I was cringing. Imagine the poor passengers dealing with this for 8 hours?!
  • If you’re having trouble addressing their behavior at home. Then this it’s a clear sign you shouldn’t put them on a plane in an enclosed and tight area.
  • The first kid issue is caused by Mom’s negligence and failure to teach her kid how to behave, no excuses
  • All I’m saying is if your kid is not well behaved, do not take them on a flight. It makes it miserable for everyone.
  • @yuyufan43
    Forcing people to stay in a plane for 8 hours when they want to get off… how is that not a hostage situation? They were hot, thirsty, scared, and had no information on what was going on. I wouldn’t blame anyone for losing it. That sounds like a scary situation, honestly
  • As a frequent flyer I am so grateful I have not experienced anything like this..
  • Fun Fact: Plane crash testing results showed that the people sitting at the far back usually survive plane crashes. Everyone in the First Class seats died instantly, while the center seats have some chance of survival, but the far back seats usually survived. This is because when the planes crashes, the front half of the plane breaks, putting most of the pressure on that point. The other half tends to receive significantly less pressure from the crash. It usually just flops down with safer landing.
  • @christinaf713
    I can sort of relate to the woman waking up on an empty plane. I had the same thing happened to me but instead of it being on a plane, it was on a school bus. Apparently I had fallen asleep on the bus on the way to school and no one bothered to wake me up, and apparently when the teacher asked my sisters where I was when they got to school, they told the teacher they didn't know even though they knew I had fallen asleep on the bus (tnx sisters lol). Luckily the bus driver heard me snoring when she got the bus back to her place and asked me if I wanted to go back to school or go home, so I chose to go home. I got a day off of school over it, so I was happy lol. I will say this tho: if I had fallen asleep and woke up on an empty plane not knowing what to do, I'd be quite scared.
  • Waking up in an empty, dark and locked Plane sounds like a horror movie.
  • @TheJokerit19
    I don't get the 'trapped in a plane' case.
    How can anyone still seated realistically go entirely unnoticed by all flight attendants when walking through an aisle after passengers have departed?
    I could understand a small item going unnoticed, but a person is another matter.
  • I had a kid in front of me on a plane about the same age who was doing the exact same things, screaming and pressing the call for service button above him like 100 times, the poor flight attendants had to stop coming to that seat but would have been so distracting for them and taking the attention of other passengers..

    I mean my flight was only over state and only took about an hour.. I can understand kids will be kids especially that young but I could hear the mother in front of me bribing him and he was milking it hard to get more attention and more toys from her and she was even laughing the first few times he hit that button so he thought it was a game..

    I could barely last the hour with all that going on I seriously feel for those who were on the flight with that boy in the video! 😒
  • @danajohnson9387
    I was also stranded on a tarmac for about 6 hours in Arizona, apparently lightning and sand storms can pop up anytime of the day there. The lightning storm came first and damaged something that caused all the lights to go out in the plane, then we had to wait for someone to come fix it, which basically took about 3 hours. Then we spent the next 3 waiting on the flights that were ahead of us, but also got delayed due to the storm, to take off, and when it was finally our turn, we had to go back to the gate to refuel and then rejoin the line lol. Now we were once again nearing take off at the 6th hour, when the pilot announced there was a sand storm outside 🙃...we eventually took off into the storm because apparently they can do that 🤷‍♀️ but it was the scariest and worst flight ever! Everybody's patience ran thin about 2hrs in. It was an American Airlines flight too lol
  • I had a situation like this: I was about 8 or 9 when it happened. We were at the airport waiting for our flight and then my parents told me that our fight was delayed. We were waiting for a few hours (don’t remember how long we waited) then our flight came and we got on
    Board. We were alright until we were told that our flight was going to be even longer because they needed to get gas for the plane. Apparently because they fell for a scam that had something to do with one of there engines or something. Anyway the people and us were very restless and there was a super long line for the bathroom. They then were able to fly again and we eventually got to the airport but Boy that was one crazy flight.
  • When I was stuck in japan on the runway just as an earthquake hit we sat in the plane for a total of 8 hours before they would allow us to take off. The airport was evacuated and they were afraid that the runway was damaged so people had to inspect it before we could take off. We were actually the next plane to take off, we were taxiing to the runway when the earthquake hit. After we finally took off on our way to Michigan is when the tsunami rolled in to land in Japan. That was an interesting experience to survive.
  • @R8V10
    Alcohol should be banned on planes and airports.
  • @christinaf713
    Just because your child has behavior problems doesn't mean you should just let the kid run all over the place and do whatever he wants without discipline 🤦‍♀️🙄
  • Isn’t it interesting how you’ll never hear older folks talking about their kids behaving like the first kid?
  • @wl9293
    "He has behavioral problems" as she completely ignores him, just sounds like an excuse to be a lazy, bad parent. Hmm...I wonder why he has problems behaving 🤦‍♂️
  • @lerato1894
    If that first story happened on an 8 hour bus trip in Africa, best believe an aunt would get up, smack the child and give him something constructive to do to keep his mind busy. Behavioral problems or not, everyone chips in to help a overwhelmed mother and unruly child