Daredevil Who Nearly Lost His Leg in Cliff Jump Was ‘Obsessed’ With Doing It

Published 2018-07-12
Ryan Szymanski is a daredevil from Charlottesville, Virginia. His Instagram is filled with daring leaps of faith taken all over the country. But one plunge went terribly wrong. You can hear the splash as his body hits the water. When he slammed into the water, he tore every ligament and tendon in his right knee, nearly losing his leg. It will take Szymanski two years to recover. “They were able to fix everything inside without having to amputate the leg, but they came close,” he says. #InsideEdition

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  • Fun fact: if you jump high enough, hitting water is basically like hitting concrete.
  • @rombarker3129
    That's what thrills him. He knows the risks and accepts it. I hope he recovers fast and keeps enjoying life the way he wishes.
  • @CL-mp4vn
    After 4 long years of jumping and almost lost his leg, surgery, 2 years of recovery, money for all of those, he finally got his wish of being on tv less than 2 minutes. Congratulation 👏🎇🎆🎉
  • @Renae5147
    There’s a difference between daredevil and just plain stupid.
  • @yramil3122
    He's crazy ! 🤦‍♀️ I bet that hurt!! 😫
  • @janelbbuck
    I have a sports injury and my knee still hurts once in a while from it. Damn even after 2 years he’s probably never gonna be able to use his leg without feeling pain from time to time.
  • @CreativeQueenx
    Omg this is CRAZYYYYY !!! 🙄😰
    I am glad that he survived.
  • Dang, he almost lost his leg and he couldn't have landed that jump more perfectly. As an avid cliff jumper myself, this is eye opening and I know exactly what that obsession feels like! I hope he recovers well and doesn't let this accident deter him from the sport. He's got real talent...and balls!
  • @mayadyyara5593
    This guy is willing to jump off a cliff
    While i'm here trying to kill a spider.
  • @Waltuh5263
    This guy is a hardcore Legend when he jumped not a daredevil
  • @Ya-got-boyf
    Anybody who has jumped off this cliff knows how terrifying it is.
  • @andylucas8262
    He obsessed over this for 4 years, now he can obsess over his recovery for the next 2. Good times!!
  • @kamryn110
    I mean I’m an adrenaline junky but wow. He’s....? Crazy? And amazing, but mostly insane.
  • @loginusername7
    Props. This dude has cojones. Maybe not brains, but certainly bravery. Noble traits for sure. 👍