Spy balloon: China wanted 'to be noticed' says Professor Michael Clarke

Published 2023-02-03

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  • AJ
    It's funny, this news network not based in the US gave so much more and better information about this balloon than our own American news stations.
  • carl berg
    Clarke is brilliant. He explained what's going on with the enigmatic "balloon" much better than anyone else.
  • Synystr7
    Sky, give this man his own hour long show on geopolitics.
  • Kristian Jessen
    Michael Clarke is in a league of his own. I love his knowledge and his explanations. More of him please!
  • H Hamid
    This man knows his stuff and steers away from over moralising. Great expert. Great man.
  • mo17
    As an American I found out more info on this matter watching a European news video than a U.S. news network
  • Thomas Cochrane
    At long last someone that knows what's going on, and the explanation was very believable.
  • William Neil
    I've been following the story today, and this is one of the best explanations I've seen. However, I'm a bit puzzled about how this surveillance balloon is steered; we got some of that from the map and the winds at two levels, but maybe I'm not understanding the structure of the winds, which over the US blow prevailingly West to East, so how does the balloon maintain its position over a couple of days over the target missile area of the US in Montana...are the winds and the Chinese meteorologists so good they can just ride them to their intelligence target at will?
  • Hickory Socks
    This man is the first helpful voice I’ve heard speak on the topic.
  • Chris Thalassa
    With so many dilettantes speaking about these matters, its so refreshing to hear a real expert like Michael Clarke explain it all
  • Ebbe Hermansson
    Prof Michael Clarke is one of a kind, always a lot of information, easy understandable, with minimum use of words. News agencies, has something to learn from the Professor.
  • MetalPou
    Michael Clarke is a national treasure!! I can watch him allllllll day long!
  • Gericho Soriano
    I had the same conclusion why the US Secretary of State Antony Bliken postponed his visit. It is not only about the spy balloon but also how mainland China is responding to the newly signed access to the Philippines military bases. More likely the Chinese government also doesn't want to receive the US delegates after the US-Philippines deal was signed this week.
  • Peter Kovach
    An educated, nuanced approach by this man. Shockingly helpful.
  • Prof Clarke what an absolute legend! He is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. Wish I had known about him before.
  • Abi GodChaser
    It’s so nice of China to be concerned about the weather conditions over the US, so sweet of them 😊
  • Sol Vidias
    I wish in my teens I had met Prof Michael Clarke for some general outlook on life and career perspective :-)
  • mamdouh morsy
    The guest told us more information than what the balloon could collect!!😀