The Most Unusual Things to Happen at Amusement Parks

Published 2022-03-06
They’re all fun and games, but sometimes unusual things also happen at amusement parks. In April of 2020, these parents weren't taking any chances with the coronavirus. Before leaving for a Shanghai amusement park, the Junjie family outfitted their 2-year-old son in an inflatable suit. A group of 57 people in England tried to set a new Guinness World Record by riding a roller coaster naked in 2015. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

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  • Trisha Ann
    Can we talk about how generous Morgan's dad is?.. So cool he would want other special needs kids to have an amusement park to go to. What wonderful lives we'd all have if everyone was like him.
  • Gosh the dad that built the park for people who have disabilities is awesome.
  • Madi Ashley
    I’m a custodian at Disneyland, and as sad as it is to say, it’s a felony if you get caught, and your loved ones ashes end up in a vacuum. If you dump their ashes in water we have to drain the water out, meaning a lot of unhappy guests all because of you.
  • The thought of people bringing ashes of their loved ones to a theme park like Disney is highly disturbing. The daughters tried to play it off like they didn't break any rules.
  • Luna Argentum
    spreading ashes at a disney land is so weird and wrong. "we didn't feel like we were breaking the policies 'cuz it was only a little bit and it was our mom's wishes" meaning "we didn't feel like we were breaking the policies because it doesn't affect anyone else because the world revolves around us therefore rules don't apply to us"
  • Andres Garcia
    I live in San Antonio and Morgans Wonderland is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. My sister is special needs and she LOVES IT! Everything there is tailored for people just like her. They even have waterproof wheel chairs we can rent out for free for their amazing water park. An absolutely beautiful place. It's so great to see all the smiles.
  • KatTheLavaGirl
    Morgan’s Dad is such a legend! I’m so happy that people with disabilities get to experience the theme park too :)
  • Shaun Diz
    her dad built her a whole waterpark so she could take part in all the fun. man that's father of the decade. brings a tear to my eyes
  • There should be a section with rides for those with disabilities at every theme park. It just makes sense! No one should miss out on a family day out due to certain limitations. They shouldn't have limits at all.
  • SuperMStudios
    I live in San Antonio and I've driven by Morgan's Wonderland, but I never been inside the park before. It seems like a fun and pretty place to visit! I have a cousin who has nonverbal autism and I'll definitely be taking her there! I Appreciate Morgan's dad for doing something huge for his daughter!
  • Dylan
    I was riding an upside down roller coaster at my local carnival and when it was over, I realized my phone had flew out of my pocket. The person behind me literally had it lodged under their foot. It was insane
  • That family basically threw their mother in the garbage. Disney is anal about the parks' cleanliness and would have immediately filtered out and swept away the ashes.
  • You can’t blame the parent for trying to save his life but still letting him have fun.
  • Kate
    Morgan's father is an Angel!! He is amazing! Seeing all those smiles on the kids faces is priceless! Then it's free for kids with disabilities🤯 🎉🎉
  • ar_almir
    When my parents first got married, they both went on a roller coaster and one of the staff didn’t make sure that the seat belt was put on my father correctly, and so in the middle of the ride my dad noticed it, and he was just yelling and telling the staff to stop the ride while he is holding on to my mom. And he promised him self to never ride a roller coaster ever again.
  • Death Awaits
    You shouldnt spread ashes at disney without permission. Once they figure out you did so in a non designated area/without permission they vacuume away your loved ones ashes via a hazmat team and have tos hut down the area/attraction for hours bc its a BIOHAZARD
  • M B
    Morgan's wonderland sounds like a wonderful place! What a loving father.
  • sample
    It’s all fun and games until you get stuck on a roller coaster upside down.
  • Morgan's Wonderland sounds amazing!! I would love to take my kids! My daughter has hypotonic cerebral palsy and uncontrollable movements and tremors and some learning disabilities, and my son has Asperger's, bipolar depression and ADHD!!
  • Martina Chione
    I went to Knott's Berry Farm, and was really happy to see that every single ride that had a station with stairs also had an elevator and priority access for those who may not be able to stand in line and or climb stairs.