These Things Weren't as Safe as They Seemed

Published 2020-05-31
Thousands of people go hang gliding every year, without problem. But when passenger Chris Gursky took off on a 2018 flight in Switzerland, he wasn't fully attached to the hang glider. He had to hold on for dear life, and broke his wrist when he hit the ground. And an Arizona woman's visit to an axe throwing facility nearly ended in tragedy, after the axe she threw ricocheted back at her, nearly striking her in the head. #InsideEdition

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  • StepSisCODM
    But what about the blood that leaks out of the chicken. I also wash my sink 😳
  • Lauren Porter
    Chris is a miracle. I dont even understand how he was able to hold on with one hand while flying in the air at one point. Then holding onto his pants another time. That was so scarey. Thank goodness he is alive
  • Advik Deshmukh
    “There’s absolutely no way to safely consume a flaming food or beverage”

    Indian fire paan: is that right?
  • AnimeWiz
    mom: knows her son has asthama
  • polend
    “another activity that doesn’t seem so safe, axe throwing” I wonder why
  • “These things weren’t as safe as they seem”
    The thumbnail: shows a ken doll burning alive
  • Sam Sam
    Man”there is massive injury”

    Mannequin: I’m fine just don’t get too close
  • Lost Bam
    Who thought throwing literally weapons safe?? It’s a dangerous sport that takes practice and skill
  • I once tried axe-throwing while drinking a flaming shot of vodka on a hang glider travelling through a cloud of liquid nitrogen. I fell off and landed in a swimming pool full of raw chicken. It was totally LIT!
  • João Leote
    "Things that werent as safe as they seemed"
    Video: man tries to drink alcohol on fire
  • L
    I love how we’re casually recording all of this.
  • Amogus
    To be really honest, the axe throwing one was her fault because she just threw it with no sense of coordination but in the end she lived.
  • 3:25 this is so funny the mannequin’s burning in agony but the man just says “there is massive injury happening” lol
  • Tim R
    Our MOST dangerous ideas of 2020 so far: Hang gliding without being harnessed in, eating dry ice, and you got it, washing a chicken.
  • Kitkatcarebear
    “There’s serious damage occurring at this point to the mannequin.”
    The mannequin: 😒 I’m used to it
  • ً ً
    I still can't believe how evil the firefighter is,he just let the man burn to dead in flame
  • Issa Nesheiwat
    The dragons breath thing is something I tried! It was really cool and satisfying! Although, when I was in Chicago, my cousin was having a couple and then ended up in the ER! She couldn’t breathe because it gave her frost bite in side her esophagus
  • Dumpliing
    Title: "These things weren't as safe as they seemed"

    Thumbnail: Someone on fire
  • Black Coffee
    3:33 my man didn't even flinch. The equanimity is impressive 😂