The Most Daring Rescues of 2020

Published 2020-12-12
These heroes came to the rescue of others in 2020. A woman in Florida saved her neighbor from choking when he rang her doorbell for help. She performed the Heimlich maneuver and cleared his airway just in time. When an SUV plunged into a river in New Jersey, a lifeguard with one leg jumped into the water to save the driver. Lifeguards in Laguna Beach had to rescue a bride and groom who were swept into the water while taking their wedding photos. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more. #InsideEdition

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  • People say "we need more people like them" but no one says "we need to be like them"
  • fernando
    if you’re ever not feeling courageous, remember a man with a missing leg jumped into the ocean swam and rescued a car passenger deep in waters
  • Sponge Bob
    This is why we need each other and why we shouldn’t be destroying each other
  • Mona
    It’s crazy to me that people just stand there and record something horrific instead of helping. People lack empathy and stay to witness something tragic just for the shock factor. Sickos.
  • Mercity
    Crowd: OMG! That cars in the lake

    Anthony: hold my leg
  • Valerium
    The dude who jumped in the water with only one leg… Earned every single ounce of respect I have.
  • Cauli Flowerz
    The dads face who was holding his kid in the flood killed me. The pain and desperation was sincere and unsettling.
  • ingrid
    It’s actually proven that in life or death situations your body can do things you had no idea you could physically do.
  • Mwayi Mchuchu
    Wow Anthony hat's off, I can't imagine his heroic efforts. And he is such a fast swimmer.
  • autumnleaves
    Damn.. 1:20 he’s a swimmer and a life guard…. He was right where he needed to be that night 💗
  • The Chosen One
    If you look at the kids on the roof the little brother is comforting his scared sister. He's got his arm around her the whole time. Sweet
  • The Table
    As a former lifeguard I can honestly say it becomes instinct and that instinct sticks with you even after you leave that job. When you see someone drowning, you'll be in the water before you even have time to think about it.
  • Lady Coyote
    "There were about 20 people with their phones out..."

    This is what's called the bystander effect and is the result of everyone thinking that someone else is going to help. Even if you see someone already helping in a situation, if there's something you can do, DO IT.
  • Jonna Borosky
    What a wonderful thing to hear; "I can breathe now!"
  • User Maxwell
    These rescues brought tears to my eyes. Much thanks to the rescuers for being so selfless
  • Jimmie D
    One more thing, in this video I see people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities helping each other. Take a minute and think about that. We do love one another if we stop listening to the media and the politicians and we take a look around we will see we aren't as divided as they tell us we r
  • Mimi Ahmadi
    I was once in a burning car and a guy saved me and I’m so grateful for all these good people!!
  • Yusuke _Anime
    If you ever feel useless remember 20 people recorded someone almost die
  • jibbygonewrong
    My dad had a massive heart attack driving. He said at least 10 people passed him as he laid hanging out the car door on the side of the road with his hand up. Finally, someone stopped and drove him to the hospital. The guy's name who stopped was Buster. My dad's dad's name (who had passed, my grandpa) was called Buster ironically. Thank you, Buster for saving my daddy who went on to bring joy to me and my three children who lovingly call him grandpa ❤
  • Sarah Lafferty
    This is honestly so beautiful, you don’t see race here, just human beings helping one another 🥺