That’s No Dog! Wild Animals That Were Mistaken for Different Species

Published 2020-05-03
Sometimes animals aren’t the species we think they are. Flor Lobo found Tito the kitten near her home in Argentina. But when she brought Tito to the vet, she was in for a surprise. Firefighters in Colorado pulled what they thought were puppies from a storm drain. The little ones were taken to an animal shelter, who said they were actually baby foxes. And there was some confusion over the identity of the animal that walked through a reporter’s live shot. Was it a mountain lion, or a dog? #InsideEdition

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  • @MrHaunted
    The girl who believes she’s a cat is the reason why aliens won’t visit us
  • 'She is a German shepherd and Siberian husky mix, and 100% good girl' best quote ever
  • The first one was adorable. The little puma kitten just accepted that she lived with the humans and was like “yeah. I’m a house cat.”
  • @daveddm
    It’s shocking how different that Siberian/Shepard looked after being loved and taken care of for 6 months. Even the markings have changed
  • @popsicle3988
    The lady who thinks that she's a cat was damn NOT mistaken for an actual cat💀🤣😂
  • @bread9853
    "it's a mountain lion!"
    Ah yes, a brown fluffy animal with pointed snout, and pointed ears

    Definitely a type of cat!
  • @vishnus4298
    The final one, that really was a wild animal.
  • @YeppyNope
    The transformation of that german shepherd - husky mix is amazing. It's like a different animal.
  • @leogarcia8640
    The German Shepard-Husky mix transformations really warms my heart.
  • no one on the planet that has ever seen a mountain lion could ever mistake a dog for one 😭
  • Nano: “I realize I was a cat at the age of 16”

    Right, and I realize I was a goldfish at the age of 7
  • @milkbubbles
  • @spacebar1624
    “This girl is convinced shes a cat trapped in a humans body”

    This reminds me of

    “In all levels except physical, I am a wolf.”

    But shes a cat.
  • @patch3938
    The last one made me question why the human race isn't extinct
  • @butter5649
    It must have been hard for Julia to trust again. I teared up when she finally wiggled her tail. She now has a warm family to live with.
  • @mar-chan8839
    “You don’t need a degree that be whatever you want. If you want to be a dog, WOOF, y’know.”
  • Julia's recovery made me 😭
    Also, loved the mix of a siberian husky and german shepherd❤️
  • @Toa_13
    Imagine waking up one day and said to yourself “I’m a cat in a humans body meow”
  • @wingknigt6944
    I love Julie’s story but why would anyone abandoned such a beautifully and good girl.